Anyone travelling to the U.S. should NOT sign a I-407 form.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Lawyers Association of the United States of America (AMLA-USA) has issued an urgent advisory for the traveling public, especially addressing the issues of those impacted by the President Trump’s Executive Order issued in the name of “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.”

President Trump signed the executive order last Friday evening directing the Homeland Security Department to keep certain travelers from entering the United States for 120 days and immigrants from seven nations out for three months.

The AMLA-USA advisory aims to alert travelers to know their rights, and advises to seek legal counsel before undertaking traveling plans to and from location outside of the United States.

The following are the key points of the advisory issued by AMLA-USA:

  • This order applies to anyone who is NOT a US CITIZEN or PERMANENT RESIDENT (green card holders). This order applies to VISA holders.
  • Canadian citizens should be able to travel to the US freely. If you have any trouble at the border, please call the Canadian Embassy at 613-996-8885.
  • It is strongly recommended that anyone other than a citizen or permanent resident not travel outside of the country for the next 120 days, irrespective of destination.
  • While Pakistan or India are not currently on the “countries of concern” or “banned” list, the executive order does mention Syria by name and references countries under Section 217(a)(12) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, including Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Notably, ANY country can be added at ANY time.
  • If you know someone who is entering the U.S. and is not a citizen in the next 120 days, have an attorney present at the airport when they arrive. Advise them before they start their travel back to the U.S. to ask for their attorney if they are detained at the airport. They should say: “My attorney is present at the airport; I have a legal right to speak to my attorney.”
  • Anyone travelling to the U.S. should NOT sign a I-407 form. If prompted to, please ask for your attorney. Signing this form will voluntarily strip you of your permanent resident status (Green Card).
  • Please do not change plans according to any media sources. Consult with an attorney before making any decisions.

Members of AMLA-USA have been actively providing guidance through their social media accounts.  You may follow the organization via their Twitter account @AMLAUSA.