Perspective: “Love for all, Hatred for none” — Of Course they aren’t Muslims | Zohaa Qaisar

“We are working together and hope to raise money for the poppy appeal, we hope to make £20,000 this year as a whole Country.”

The fastest growing sect in all religions, burned and boycotted from within their own country, and still these Muslims are working hard to spread their message of peace in Islam. Not hesitating to debate current issues such as terrorism. They are all led by one Caliph, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. However they do not only defend their ideas, they are known to stand by their country despite difficult stereotypes. From the country in which the most of them populate – Pakistan – they have been cut off and laws have supressed them. Laws in their home country labelling them to non-muslims and sinners. Assaults and abuse continue- But what are they doing to deserve this?

Over the last few years the Ahmadiyya Muslim community have made £150,000 for the poppy appeal over the UK. Taking pride in the History of their country they live in they participate in gatherings and invite neighbours and guests. In an Interview with the Ladies President of the local Mosque of Sunbury (Baitul Wahid) she said, “We are working together and hope to raise money for the poppy appeal, we hope to make £20,000 this year as a whole Country.”

This local branch also has conducted a local Macmillan Cancer coffee morning, Madam President Spoke, “We handed out leaflets and raised over a £100, despite short notices.” She went on to say that neighbours from various religions attended for a greater cause. Will acts like these end the feuds between faiths?

They don’t only stop there, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community raised over £220,000 by conduction a charity walk in which more than 1,600 members participated, leaving from the Morden mosque (Baitul futuh) – which people know as the mosque which was set on fire. They walked 5 miles and supported 46 charities of different areas. The expected total they will achieve is to be £300,000. This community also has their own charity reaching across multiple countries named Humanity first. Helping during floods, earthquakes and fulfilling needs. During an International Peace Conference 2015, held at Baitul Futuh Mosque, His holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said “Serving humanity requires that a person does not rest until he has solved the problems of others and takes the weight of their burdens onto his own shoulders.” Clearly this shows their good intentions, does it not?

Another massive achievement for the small community are the many gatherings they host in multiple countries, the biggest being held in England where over 30,000 people come together, it is also the largest convention of its kind in Europe. MPs, Ministers, royalties and distinct members come to enjoy the proceedings.  And every year some guests even pledge their alliance into this community during this spectacular event when the entire community pledge their promises to the Caliph of Islam.

Every local mosque this community builds is an action stating their confidence and belief, despite many who stand in their way. They believe peace can be achieved, their motto being, “Love for all hatred for none.” all have a unifying voice which cannot be seen in any other religion. What would trump think of these Muslims?

Zohaa Qaisar, Waldegrave School for girls.

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