Thousands put through their PACES


Thousands of enthusiasts, belonging to all gender and age groups, participated in two separate ‘mini marathons’ of 3.2km and 2km apiece as the First International PACES Competition concluded yesterday.

The races also featured runners from 14 foreign armies.

The 3.2km race was run by over 3,000 people, beginning from Lahore’s Askari 10 and finishing at the Ayub Stadium in Cantt.

The length of the race meant it was primarily filled with young or middle-aged runners, with some taking the race quite seriously.

Chinese Army set the PACES

“Marathon is always a fun race and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest,” said a man dressed in premium running gear.

Others were even more impressive, with one athlete running barefoot. “I feel easier this way,” he said.

The 2km race featured as many as 1,200 women and children, who ran all the way from the Lahore Garrison Golf and Country Club to the Ayub Stadium. The youngest runner, eight-year-old Toheed, took inspiration from Aesop. “I am a tortoise running amongst the hares,” he said. “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Pakistan Army dominate push-ups event

Those taking part in the races were not the only ones who showed up though, with many coming to egg on the participants — cheering from the sidelines or offering water to them.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 24th, 2016.