Wouldn’t exclude national team coaching role, says Buffon

Wouldn’t exclude national team coaching role, says Buffon


Juventus goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon could become a future coach of Italy after revealing he would be tempted by a national team coaching role once he retires.

At 38, the 2006 World Cup winner is still going strong for both club and country at the tail end of what has been a hugely successful career.

But the emergence of AC Milan’s talented teenage shot-stopper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who made his Italy debut in a friendly defeat to France last month, has increased speculation surrounding Buffon and when he will retire.

The Italian ‘Superman’ — as Buffon is often portrayed — comes face to face with 17-year-old Donnarumma when Milan host the league champions at the San Siro on Saturday.

Italy fight back to hold Spain, Wales denied in Austria

But Buffon, who recently became a father for the third time, said the cut and thrust of life as a club coach does not appeal.

“A coaching role and all that it entails on a daily basis wouldn’t appeal to me,” Buffon said in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “But I wouldn’t exclude a national team coaching role, I would still be involved in the game but have some freedom to dedicate myself to other things.”

Having won almost all of club and international football’s goalkeeping awards and played a crucial role in Italy’s 2006 World Cup triumph, the only trophy missing from Buffon’s cabinet is the Champions League title.

Less than a year after defeat to Barcelona in the 2015 final, Juve boosted their squad with the arrivals of Dani Alves, Miralem Pjanic and Gonzalo Higuain over the summer to emerge among the early season favourites.

Dybala double sends Juventus clear of Roma, Napoli

Juventus currently sit top of Group H, level on points with Sevilla, and are expected to sail through to the knockout phase

But Buffon, who saved a penalty as 10-man Juve secured a precious 1-0 Champions League win at Lyon in midweek, said the Turin giants need to improve if they are to challenge more fancied sides like Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

“If you ask me, we have to improve. If we’re to have ambitions in Europe, what we’re doing on the pitch right now isn’t enough,” he said. “I believe in meritocracy, so if I deserve to win (the Champions League) I will. Otherwise, I won’t.”

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Microsoft to show code in Brazil to calm fears about spy ‘back doors’

Microsoft to show code in Brazil to calm fears about spy ‘back doors’

Microsoft, still stung by accusations that it installed “back doors” for the US government to access customers’ communications, opened a center in Brazil on Wednesday where officials will be able to inspect its programming code, in an attempt to allay suspicions in the region that its software programs are vulnerable to spying.

Behind reinforced walls and with strict security settings, the world’s biggest software company showed off its fourth ‘Transparency Center’ in Brasilia, where experts from Latin American and Caribbean governments will be able to view the source code of its products.

Microsoft unveils probably its last Nokia phone

The effort to build trust follows heightened suspicions in the region after former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked documents in 2013 that showed the agency was capturing massive amounts of data from emails handled by major US technology companies, including Microsoft.

The leak, in addition to another Snowden disclosure that the United States had been spying on communications including those of former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, prompted Brazil and other governments around the world to reconsider how much they could trust US technology companies not to install back doors at the request of US intelligence agencies. At the new site, visited on Wednesday by officials including the speaker of Brazil’s Congress, no electronics will be allowed into the secure viewing room.

Microsoft prevents anyone from copying the massive amount of coding on display – as much as 50 million lines for its email and server products. Viewers inspect copies of source code on computers connected only to local servers and cut off from the internet. The copies are later deleted. Viewers can use software tools to examine the code, Microsoft said, but it was not immediately clear whether experts would be able to run deep code analysis necessary to uncover back doors or other bugs.

It is by no means certain the effort by Microsoft will diminish concerns about spying, but Brazil’s reaction to the generally secretive software company opening up its code was initially positive.

“This center is aimed at showing that there are no traps, it is a good step,” a Brazilian government official, who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak about cyber security, told Reuters. The Brasilia facility is Microsoft’s fourth transparency center after the NSA scandal.

Microsoft might announce something big at its October 26 event

It set up the first one at its Redmond, Washington headquarters in the United States in 2014, one in Brussels last year and one in Singapore earlier this month. It will soon open another in Beijing.

The centers allow for face-to-face discussions between government experts and developers. “Governments can verify for themselves that there are no back doors,” said Mark Estberg, senior director of Microsoft’s global government security program.

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Teen girl stands trial for 'Islamic State' police stabbing in Germany

Teen girl stands trial for ‘Islamic State’ police stabbing in Germany

Teen girl stands trial for ‘Islamic State’ police stabbing in Germany


A teenage girl went on trial in Germany Thursday for stabbing a police officer, an assault allegedly “ordered” by the Islamic State organisation but which was not claimed by the extremist group.

Safia S., 16, was in the dock in the northern city of Celle, with the court due to decide whether the proceedings would take place behind closed doors because she is a minor.

Islamic State claims Baghdad suicide bombing that kills seven

The German-Moroccan national risks 10 years in prison for “attempted murder, grievous bodily harm and support for a foreign terrorist organisation”.

Prosecutors said the teenager, who is believed to have been radicalised as a young girl, had sought to catch the attention of police officers by following them around at the main train station in the northern city of Hanover.

As the officers called her over for an identity check, Safia S. stabbed one of them in the neck with a vegetable knife before being overpowered by another officer.

The teenager was already known to police before the February 26 attack as she had sought to travel to Syria to join IS fighters a month earlier.

Her mother flew to Istanbul to bring her home and as they landed back in Germany, Safia S. was taken away by police and interrogated over her botched attempt to reach the war zone.

Her mobile phone was also seized, but it was not until after the stabbing assault that investigators translated the Arabic messages on the phone — which had instructed her to commit an “act of martyrdom”.

Suicide attack on Syria wedding kills 32

A German-Syrian man, 20, identified as Mohamed Hasan K. will also stand trial for failing to report Safia S.’s plans to police, even though he was aware that she was plotting to attack a police officer.

The young man had sought to flee Germany but was arrested in Greece and extradited on Tuesday evening.

Safia S. was apparently already radicalised as early as 2008. At that time, when she was just seven or eight years old, she had appeared in an online video by Pierre Vogel — a notorious Salafist preacher in Germany. But it was only in November 2015 that she pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, investigators said.

Her brother had also sought to join the extremist group in Syria but was arrested and jailed in Turkey, according to news agency DPA.

Germany has so far been spared large-scale extremist attacks like the November 13 assault in Paris that claimed 130 lives.

But Europe’s biggest economic power has been shaken by two attacks claimed by the IS and carried out by Syrian asylum seekers — an axe rampage on a train in Wuerzburg that injured five, and a suicide bombing in Ansbach in which 15 people were hurt.

Police last week said they had foiled an alleged plot by a Syrian refugee to bomb one of Berlin’s airports.

The suspect, Jaber al-Bakr, was later found hanged in his jail cell, sparking outrage in Germany over concerns it may never learn the plans for the attack.

The cases have fuelled anxiety over Germany’s record influx of nearly 900,000 refugees and migrants in 2015.

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Australian Tinder date acquitted of murder

Australian Tinder date acquitted of murder


A man whose Tinder date plunged 14 floors to her death from his high-rise balcony was acquitted of murder by an Australian jury Thursday in a case that gripped the nation.

Gable Tostee, 30, was charged with the August 2014 murder of New Zealander Warriena Wright, who was on holiday in Surfers Paradise on Australia’s east coast.

Wright, who was 26, connected with Tostee on the popular app and went with him to his apartment but was locked out on the balcony in the early hours after an argument.

Prosecutors alleged she was so intimidated by her date she felt the only way of escape was to climb down to a lower floor.

Tinder launches Social to let users hang out in groups

But Wright fell and died from severe injuries.

The 12-person jury in the Queensland Supreme Court struggled to reach a verdict after beginning their deliberations on Monday, asking the judge several questions before acquitting Tostee of murder and manslaughter.

Defence lawyer Nick Dore told reporters outside the court his client was “relieved this matter is now behind him and he’s looking forward to moving on with his life”.

Tinder wants to hook you up with a presidential candidate

In harrowing audio recorded by Tostee before Wright’s death and played to the court last week, he can be heard complaining about her beating him up before calling her a “psycho bitch”.

Wright is later heard to yell “no” amid the sound of what appeared to be a door unlocking and then saying “just let me go home” repeatedly.

The court was told that Tostee left the apartment after her fall, then called his father and a lawyer and ate pizza, Brisbane’s Courier Mail said.

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New Milky Way map to help explain how galaxies form

New Milky Way map to help explain how galaxies form


A new super-detailed hydrogen map of the Milky Way could help explain the mystery of how galaxies form, Australian and German scientists behind the project said Thursday.

The decade-long HI4PI project, which used the world’s largest steerable radio telescopes, provides an in-depth view of all the hydrogen gas in and around the galaxy that contains our solar system.

All set for Europe’s Mars lander separation

“We’ve basically put together a very complex map of hydrogen gases associated with our own Milky Way,” Australian team leader Naomi McClure-Griffiths, a professor from the Australian National University, told AFP.

“Hydrogen is the most basic element, it’s what everything is made from, and what we have achieved will help us understand better how galaxies form.” The study used telescopes in Parkes, Australia and Effelsberg, Germany to map neutral hydrogen, the most abundant element in space and the main component of stars and galaxies.

It revealed for the first time the fine details of structures between stars in the Milky Way. “Very small gas clouds appear to have helped form stars in the Milky Way over billions of years,” McClure-Griffiths said, adding that her research group was now using the data map to answer bigger questions about the Milky Way and neighbouring galaxies.

China to launch manned spacecraft

“How does the Milky Way get the new gas it requires to continue forming stars? And where are all of the small dwarf galaxies that must surround our Milky Way? The next steps will be exciting,” she said. University of Bonn astronomer Juergen Kerp said the project required more than a million individual observations and about 10 billion individual data points, significantly improving on previous work on the issue.

Although neutral hydrogen is fairly easy to detect with modern radio telescopes, mapping the whole sky was a significant achievement, he added. “Radio ‘noise’ caused by mobile phones and broadcast stations pollute the faint emissions coming from stars and galaxies in the universe,” said Kerp.

“So sophisticated computer algorithms have to be developed to clean each individual data point of this unwanted human interference. Next to the thousands of observing hours an even larger amount of time has been spent creating the final scientific data product released today.”

Elon Musk unveils plan for Mars ‘city’

Staveley-Smith said the new map would help with future work to be undertaken by the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) super radio telescope, which is expected to be partially operational from 2020. Australia and South Africa were picked in 2012 to jointly host the SKA project, billed as being 50 times more powerful than present radio telescopes.

It will be used to explore exploding stars, black holes, dark energy and traces of the universe’s origins some 14 billion years.

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Scotland publishes independence referendum bill

Scotland publishes independence referendum bill


Scotland’s government published a draft independence referendum bill on Thursday as a fallback plan if it is not able to keep strong ties with the EU and win more powers from London as part of Brexit talks.

The bill would give non-British EU citizens living in Scotland, who were not allowed to take part in the EU referendum, the right to vote on independence.

Scottish leader unveils new independence plan

Scotland voted by 55 percent to stay part of Britain in 2014, but then voted by 62 percent to remain in the European Union in June, sparking a political crisis after Britain as whole voted to leave.

The bill is broadly the same as the original Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013 which enabled a vote the following year.

Its opening paragraph states: “A referendum is to be held in Scotland on a question about the independence of Scotland. The question is –‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’.”

In her foreword to the consultation, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “The UK government’s recent statements on its approach to leaving the EU raise serious concerns for the Scottish Government.

“We face unacceptable risks to our democratic, economic and social interests and to the right of the Scottish Parliament to have its say,” she said.

She said her government “remains willing to work with the UK Government to negotiate a future relationship with Europe… which works for the United Kingdom as a whole”.

But she added: “If it becomes clear that it is only through independence that Scotland’s interests can be protected, then the people of Scotland must have the ability to reconsider that question, and to do so before the UK leaves the EU.”

Scotland to set up Berlin office to boost trade links after Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May has said she plans to trigger the formal procedure for leaving the European Union by the end of March, opening up a two-year negotiating window. The prospect of another referendum is already causing concern among North Sea oil investors.

A report by BMI Research, a subsidiary of global credit rating agency Fitch, said: “A second vote on Scotland sovereignty is the main downside risk to our North Sea production forecast, the chances of which will substantially increase if a ‘hard Brexit’ is realised.”

It said a second independence campaign would “cast a great shadow of uncertainty over the regulatory framework governing the petroleum sector”.

“Companies operating in the North Sea could potentially hold off making investments in that time period, waiting instead until Scotland’s fate has been determined.”

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Blast at Indian fireworks factory kills eight

Blast at Indian fireworks factory kills eight


At least eight workers were killed on Thursday in a huge explosion set off by a blaze at a fireworks factory in southern Indian, police said.

Another 15 people were wounded in the blast in Tamil Nadu state, which came days before the Hindu festival of Diwali, which many celebrate by letting off fireworks.

Twin fires kill at least 22 in India

“Eight workers were killed and 15 were injured. Some of them have critical burn injuries,” local police inspector Vijaya Lakshmi told AFP.

Emergency workers evacuated patients from a nearby hospital fearing the fire could spread.

The town of Sivakasi where the blast occurred is home to some 700 small factories producing fireworks that are running at peak production ahead of Diwali.

Indian police arrest doctor and three others over deadly hospital fire

More than 35 people were killed in 2012 after one of the factories in the town caught fire leading to a massive explosion.

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Australia: Ahmadiyyas Host Fiji Day | Big pride in small nation

Australia: Ahmadiyyas Host Fiji Day | Big pride in small nation

Honoured guests on Sunday, October 9, included Ms Rowland, Blacktown mayor Stephen Bali, and the Fijian High Commissioner to Australia, His Excellency Yogesh Punja.

“It is a homeland which punches way above its weight when it comes to the quality of its people.”

Greenway MP Michelle Rowland is proud of her Fijian heritage – something she was able to celebrate with hundreds of guests at the Baitul Huda mosque in Marsden Park last week.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community hosted one of many memorable events around Sydney in the build up to Fiji Day on Monday, October 10.

About 7 per cent of people in Fiji are Muslim, and Fijians make up a significant proportion of the Ahmadiyya community in western Sydney.

Honoured guests on Sunday, October 9, included Ms Rowland, Blacktown mayor Stephen Bali, and the Fijian High Commissioner to Australia, His Excellency Yogesh Punja.

Both politicians spoke about trade and a desire for Australia to change its relationship with its proud island neighbour.

“We tend to think about Fiji when natural disasters happen in terms of aid recipients, but Fiji’s got enormous potential,” Ms Rowland said.

“There’s a lot of Chinese investment going into Fiji and the rest of the south pacific, and Australia really needs to step up if we’re going to be an important trading partner.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have greater economic ties with one of our closest neighbours.”

Ms Rowland also commended the Ahmadiyya community for their commitment to inter-faith and cross-cultural dialogue.

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Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau welcomes Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad to Ottawa

Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau welcomes Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad to Ottawa

On 17 October 2016, the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was received by the Prime Minister of Canada, Rt Hon, Justin Trudeau at the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his pleasure at welcoming His Holiness to Canada.

The Prime Minister thanked His Holiness for his continued efforts to promote peace worldwide and stated that his Government greatly appreciated the efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Canada and considered it to be an integral part of the nation.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad thanked the Prime Minister for his words and said that he wished to personally congratulate the Prime Minister on his election last year.

His Holiness also said that he had listened to Question Period in the House of Commons earlier in the day and he had noted that a number of the “burning issues of today” had been discussed and debated.

Later, Prime Minister Trudeau said:

“Your Holiness, your friendship and leadership is very important to Canada and we appreciate the way the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns all forms of extremism.”


Thereafter, His Holiness attended a meeting with the Prime Minister and 6 Federal Ministers. In the meeting, the Prime Minister again appreciated the efforts of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad to spread peace in the world. The Prime Minister also congratulated the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Canada on its 50th anniversary.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad recalled his previous meeting with the Prime Minister in 2012, which took place in Peace Village. At the time, Mr Trudeau was not leader of the Liberal Party.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

“When I first met you in 2012 I prayed for you and said that I believed that one day you will be Prime Minister.”

Further discussions then took place about the need for inter-faith dialogue amongst different communities, the importance of education for all people and of religious freedom.

Regarding religious freedom, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

“All people should be granted true religious freedom and all people should have the right to peacefully practice their faiths and beliefs. Governments should not seek to interfere or legislate against peacefully held religious beliefs.”

His Holiness expressed his concerns about the continued rise of extremism and terrorism in different parts of the world and the associated risks in the Western world. He said that he considered the 2008 global financial crash to be a major cause of the terrorism witnessed in the world today.

His Holiness said high unemployment and a state of financial desperation and hopelessness had led certain Muslim youths to becoming vulnerable to extremism. Thus, he said that providing job opportunities and helping people stand upon their own feet was a means of ensuring national security.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad reiterated that all forms of terrorism and extremism were not linked to Islam.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

“If all Muslims followed the true teachings of their religion then no Muslim would ever be radicalised because the Founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that to love one’s nation was a part of Islamic faith. Thus, it is the duty of every Muslim to love his nation, to strive for its betterment and to serve it faithfully. That is why Ahmadi Muslims do not get radicalised because we follow the true teachings of Islam.”

– Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau welcomes Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad to Ottawa

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USA: New Jersey Muslim Center Defaced With ‘Donald Trump,’ Racist Graffiti

USA: New Jersey Muslim Center Defaced With ‘Donald Trump,’ Racist Graffiti

“The people of this great city make up a great community, one of love and understanding. It is our position that the individual(s) who committed this atrocious and bigoted crime represent neither the people of Bayonne nor of this great nation.”

Police say they’ve arrested a 20-year-old man for spray-painting anti-Muslim messages and the words “Donald Trump” on a Muslim community center in Bayonne, New Jersey, early Friday morning.

Jonathon Huffey faces charges of criminal mischief, bias intimidation and criminal trespass, according to Lt. James Donovan of the Bayonne Police Department.

Huffey, a Bayonne resident, is accused of spray-painting a slew of hateful messages ― including “F*** Muslims,” “F*** ISIS,” “F*** Allah” and “F*** Arabs,” as well as “Donald Trump,” the name of the Republican presidential nominee ― on the exterior wall of the Muslim Community Miraj Center, located in the basement of a Catholic elementary school.

Donovan told The Huffington Post that police tracked Huffey down thanks to an eyewitness and surveillance footage from a nearby bank. It’s not clear whether Huffey has an attorney.

The Bayonne Department of Public Works arrived on the scene Friday to clean the graffiti, Donovan said.

“Personally I really was saddened that somebody would do something so ignorant,” Waheed Akbar, an administrator and board member at the Muslim center, said Friday. “Especially this being a Catholic school building. There’s kids in this building. A day care center.”

The group that operates the community center, Bayonne Muslims, said in a statement that the vandalism was a “cowardly and hateful act, but it is an isolated incident, particularly in our home town of Bayonne.”

“The people of this great city make up a great community, one of love and understanding,” the statement continued. “It is our position that the individual(s) who committed this atrocious and bigoted crime represent neither the people of Bayonne nor of this great nation.”

Bayonne Muslims, however, has clashed with some in the town over a proposal to build a new mosque. Critics claim the mosque would violate zoning ordinances and could cause traffic and parking problems.

But supporters say such complaints are simply a cover for anti-Muslim sentiment.

Earlier this year, Michael Alonso, a local Republican activist and vocal opponent of the proposed mosque, said in a statement that “in light of the Orlando terrorist attack recently committed in the name of Islam, a mosque in Bayonne would be unsafe and unwise.”

BuzzFeed reported that some in Bayonne have placed “Stop the Mosque” and “Save Bayonne” signs in their windows.

Meanwhile, members of Bayonne Muslims have to hold Friday prayer services at the Muslim Community Miraj Center, a small basement space.

“It’s been a hot topic in the town,” Akbar told HuffPost of the proposed mosque. He said Friday’s vandalism may have stemmed from a “combination of what we’re hearing [about Muslims] from political candidates and us trying to build a center here.”

A report earlier this year from the Council on American-Islamic Relations found 78 instances in 2015 where mosques were targeted for vandalism, arson and other types of destruction ― a nearly 400 percent jump from 2014.

Similarly, a recent report from the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, documented at least 260 hate crimes targeting Muslims in 2015 ― a nearly 80 percent rise from 2014 and the greatest number of such crimes in any year since 2001.

In 2016, The Huffington Post has tracked nearly 290 acts of anti-Muslim violence, discrimination and political speech in the U.S.

Trump, whose name was spray-painted on the community center in Bayonne, has made a number of hostile and inaccurate comments about Islam and those who practice it ― a group that includes more than 3 million Americans.

He proposed a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., falsely claimed to have seen New Jersey Muslims cheering after the Sept. 11 attacks, called for the creation of a national database of Muslims, said mosques should be surveilled, said Muslims should be profiled, told an apocryphal story about a U.S. general shooting Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood, suggested that the Muslim mother of a fallen American soldier wasn’t allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention because of her faith, and once flat-out declared that “Islam hates us.”

The Huffington Post is documenting the rising wave of anti-Muslim bigotry and violence in America. Take a stand against hate.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

Christopher Mathias is National Reporter, The Huffington Post

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