Don’t want PCB politics in PSL, says Najam Sethi



Pakistan Super League (PSL) chairman Najam Sethi said that the league will become a separate entity from next month onwards so that it remains free from Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) politics.

In an interview with The Express Tribune, Sethi said the decision was made so that PSL could employ non-executive directors from outside the board.

“PSL will be a separate company from next month onwards with majority of directors employed from outside the board,” he said. “And reason for this is to eliminate PCB’s politics from the league and attract more private sector participation.”

PSL 2017 draft to kick-off in Dubai today

The chairman also revealed that he will step down from his post in the near future. “The chairman of PSL will be an outside non-executive director as well,” he said.

Speaking of the PSL draft which begins today, Sethi said that the success of the league is apparent from the number of foreign players we have for the second season.

“The success of PSL is exhibited from the star-studded cast we have this time around,” he said.

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However, he lamented that the franchises kept a higher retention – which will be reviewed next year.

“Unfortunately, retentions were high this time around,” he said. “Perhaps the franchises were thinking not many players would join – but they did. Nevertheless, we will review the retention policy for next time,” he added.

Sethi further said that he still hopes for the second season’s closing ceremony in Lahore, despite the opening scheduled in Dubai.

source The Express Tribune news