Prisma has extended its neural photo network conversion to videos. In an announcement on Thursday, Prisma announced that its artistic photo imagery now worked with 15-second videos too.

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The app, which lets people turn images into works of art by using deep learning algorithms to process photos in various graphic styles, quickly surged past millions of downloads in a viral splash after launching this summer.

A total of nine styles are currently available for video, the company announced on Thursday, with the feature presently limited to iOS devices.

Candy, Gold Fish, Paper Art, Illegal Beauty, Tokyo, Gothic, Curly Hair, The Scream and Roy are the styles launched by Prisma.

The video feature was only made possible due to a recent change to Prisma’s algorithm, which makes the imagery on the device itself, instead of its servers. Initially, Prisma’s image conversion took a long time to create. However, the issue was resolved after Prisma added an offline feature. For videos, Prisma said the processing time would depend on the device. For example, on an iPhone 7, it would take 30 seconds to process a 15-second video. The time is slated to double for an iPhone 6S.

Prisma finally works without internet

source tribune news