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Two Pakistani ventures to participate in Oslo Startup Challenge

Two Pakistani startups have been selected to participate at the Oslo Startup Challenge in Norway.

Whisper O and Micorpower Labs, the two startups that were incubated at The Nest i/O, on the basis of their unique ideas, have won the international recognition and a chance to participate in the Oslo Startup Challenge.

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Teams from both the startups have been invited to take a fully-paid trip to Norway, where they will participate in a month-long free-of-cost incubation program. The startups would avail this opportunity to get investments and support from the Norwegian government.

Micropower Labs has also been selected for ‘Amazon Launchpad’, as their product ‘Flash Pack’ will be made available under special startups category on Amazon. The device is a Power-Bank that charges up in just 14 minutes from your own laptop charger and packs up enough power to last you for a whole day.

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Whisper O is an online application that aims to provide people with a platform to share their stories through sound. The app is dedicated to bringing out memories, nostalgia and smiles through connecting different sounds to different spaces. On the other hand, Micropower Labs is a technology innovation company, focused on creating next-generation devices and gadgets for a day-to-day use.