PIAF condemns Indian aggression on LoC

PIAF condemns Indian aggression on LoC

PIAF condemns Indian aggression on LoC


The Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) has strongly condemned the Indian aggression at line of control and working boundary of Pakistan. PIAF chairman Irfan Iqbal Sheikh in a joint statement along with senior vice chairman Tanveer Ahmed Sufi and vice chairman Shahzeb Akram here on Saturday said that the act of Indian government has created alarming situation which is very much dangerous for regional peace.

He said that the whole nation always stands behind Pakistan army during war and peace time. The business community unconditionally supports the guardians of our ideological and geographical frontiers. We are peaceful country but, in case of any aggression our armed forces are capable to deter any aggression effectively, he warned.

He said government needs to take a tough stand and the best way was to end trade relations, as bilateral trade volume was already in India’s favour. “It’s very unfortunate that SAARC Conference has been postponed and it will cause a deep impact on the economy of this particular region” Irfan Iqbal Sheikh worried, he said that the Indian aggression has also made the ceasefire agreement ineffective. PIAF leader urged the government of Pakistan to raise the issue at all international forums forcefully. Business leader announced his full support for government to protect and save the country from any foreign aggression. PIAF office bearers also appealed to all political leaders to work for the solidarity of the country.

He also urged New Delhi to utilize its all available resources to bring prosperity in the region. South Asia has a rich potential to boost the economies of the region and if proper steps are taken, poverty and unemployment can be reduced. Pakistan wants better relations with India, but no compromise would be made on dignity and sovereignty, he added.

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TEVTA starts vocational training courses in poultry farming, dairy trades

TEVTA starts vocational training courses in poultry farming, dairy trades

TEVTA starts vocational training courses in poultry farming, dairy trades

LAHORE: Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) has successfully started 3 months short courses in Poultry Farming (Controlled Shed) and Dairy Technician Trades at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad where 400 unemployed youth will be trained during one year.

Chairperson TEVTA Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said this while addressing the officers in a meeting here today at TEVTA Secretariat.

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said that the purpose to start these courses is to provide trained manpower to poultry farms and dairies equipped with the right set of technical skills and professional knowledge.

Middle preferably matric pass Candidates between ages 18 to 35 years are eligible for admission.  No fee is charged and Rs.1000/- p.m. stipend is also given to the trainees during their training period.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad will conduct the examination while the certificate will jointly be issued by TEVTA and University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF).

Chairperson TEVTA further said that Agriculture and Livestock sector is a thriving market due to an ever increasing demand of chicken food and dairy products.

Agriculture University Faisalabad developed the curricula of these short courses.  Training and learning material including books/notes, stationary, consumable etc. are also provided to all the trainees.

TEVTA and Agriculture University Faisalabad are also jointly making efforts to place pass-outs in poultry and dairy industries.

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All Parties , Conference vows , joint response, on Kashmir issue,

All Parties Conference vows joint response on Kashmir issue

All Parties Conference vows joint response on Kashmir issue

ISLAMABAD: An All Parties Conference of the parliamentary parties on Monday voiced their support to the inalienable right of self determination for the people of Kashmir.

Leaders of the political parties also extended full support to the government on the Kashmir issue, while condemning the unabated atrocities against the people in Indian-held Kashmir and the belligerent attitude of the Indian government.

The leaders representing different parties across the political spectrum and gathered here at the PM Office, voiced their support to the inalienable right of self determination for the Kashmiris and said there was no military solution to the problem.

The All Parties Conference chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowed to evolve a joint response on Kashmir issue. It also urged a solution for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif described Kashmiris and Pakistanis “inseparable” and said “relentless efforts” would be made to highlight the plight of Kashmiris at every international forum with the support of all political parties in parliament.

The prime minister said that the meeting has made Pakistan strong and the Kashmir cause further stronger. “We stand united on matters of national importance, particularly the Kashmir cause,” he added.

“I believe that Kashmir movement cannot be suppressed by the Indian brutalities anymore.”

Nawaz Sharif said that the struggle of Kashmiris’ for their right to self determination was legitimate and mandated by the United Nations Security Council.

The prime minister also thanked the party leaders and representatives for their sincere suggestions. He said some very good suggestions were put forward and assured that his government would try to implement as much of these as possible.

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In Kashmir, People deny Indian soldiers actually infiltrated across the border: WP

In Kashmir, People deny Indian soldiers actually infiltrated across the border: WP

In Kashmir, People deny Indian soldiers actually infiltrated across the border: WP

BANDALA: Villagers in three areas along the de facto border between Indian- and Pakistani-controlled Kashmir said this past week that they had fled their homes in fear after intense shelling and firing from the Indian side but that they did not believe India’s claim that it had sent armed troops to conduct late-night “surgical strikes” on militant targets there.

In several dozen interviews, residents of the Bhimber, Chamb and Sahmani districts adjoining the Line of Control said they had been jarred from sleep by the barrage of firepower on Wednesday. But none said they had seen or heard anything that supported India’s claim that it carried out cross-border strikes on several staging areas for militant groups that left “double digits” of militant’s dead, a report in Washington Post said today.

Pakistani officials have repeatedly denied India’s claims, saying that Indian troops only fired small arms across the Line of Control, killing two Pakistani soldiers. Tensions between the rival nuclear powers are at the highest level in a decade.

Muhammad Bota, 40, a mason in this hillside village, said that his son woke him up shouting, “India has attacked!” and that the night was filled with noise.

“We are used to routine shelling, but this was unending, with deafening sounds,” he said. “We believed it was the start of war, and I prayed for the safety of my family and recited all the Koranic verses I could remember.”

But Bota, like many other residents interviewed, said he did not see any signs of Indian troops attacking or crossing the fortified line less than a mile away.

“All the villagers were up, and we didn’t see any troops from the other side or helicopters,” he said. “India says it killed militants here, but the people who live here know each other for generations. If there were some militants somewhere around, they couldn’t have gone undetected. This is all propaganda of India.”

In Bhimber, a town several miles from the Line of Control, a store salesman named Mehran Younas Sheikh, 31, said that all schools and government offices had been shut down since the intensive firing started and that many people living close to the border had fled to the town.

“It’s a very beautiful area,” Sheikh said of the region’s forested ridges of pine and birch, “but now one feels and witness’s the silence of death, apart from the cross firing between the two armies during the night.”

Under domestic pressure to retaliate, the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced it had conducted a five-hour overnight paramilitary attack on several suspected terrorist camps, killing scores. Pakistan’s military claimed that it killed eight Indian soldiers in retaliatory fire and that two of its men had died when India shelled a border post in Sahmani.

In several villages, residents described fleeing quickly from the heavy late-night gunfire, many leaving their livestock and crops. Bashir Papra, 55, said his family decided to leave their home in Chamb because the Indian shelling “was so heavy we felt our whole village would come down.”

Some residents said they were so exhausted by years of living with tension and fear that they would almost rather see the two countries fight it out. Muhammad Kurshid, 26, a Chamb resident, said he has faith in Pakistan’s military leaders to win in such a conflict.

“You would think I am insane to want a war,” he said. “No, I am not; it’s just that we can’t spend a normal daily life.”

In Sahmani, a verdant district along the Line of Control with army posts every few hundred yards, residents said they had a close view of activities along the border and described seeing the sky light up with shelling above a mountain ridge where Pakistani troops are stationed.

“If anyone is moving on the mountain, we can see them easily from here,” said villager Faheem Ahmed, 48. “There was no activity of enemy troops on the mountain, which is the only way they can come.”

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UK university, makes Pokemon, Go part of undergraduate , degree,

UK university makes Pokemon Go part of undergraduate degree

UK university makes Pokemon Go part of undergraduate degree

Salford University will now have students play Pokemon Go as part of their degree.

Students enrolled in the business information technology course will now have to play the augmented reality game to complete the undergraduate programme.

A Guide to Playing Pokémon GO

The augmented reality game requires players to find virtually animated characters in the real world using their smartphones. Salford University lecturer David Kerps argues this makes the undergraduate course more “accessible”.

“We want new students to feel that our subject is accessible and easy to grasp. Pokemon Go fits perfectly with that. It uses various information systems that are accessed over the internet, a digital camera and a GPS location sensor” Kreps says.

Woman catches boyfriend cheating via Pokémon Go

However critics argue the move highlights deteriorating education standards where universities are dumping degrees resulting in students taking on huge debts for courses that have few job prospects.

This article originally appeared on The Daily Mail.

Facebook rolls out pared down Messenger app for emerging markets

Facebook rolls out pared down Messenger app for emerging markets


Facebook Inc launched a stripped down version of its popular Messenger app for emerging markets on Monday as it seeks to expand its international footprint.

Messenger Lite, which uses less data and is designed to work in areas with slower internet connections, will roll out in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. Facebook said it will expand to other countries in the coming months.

Did Facebook just copy Snapchat with its Messenger Day feature?

Facebook has largely saturated Western markets, including North America and Europe, and has set its sights on developing countries, in part by rolling out “lite” versions of its main Facebook app and now Messenger, which have fewer capabilities than the main apps.

Users with Android phones will still be able to use the core features of Messenger, including the ability to send text messages, photos and links but will not be able to make video or voice calls or make payments.

“We want to make sure Messenger products are truly for everyone,” David Marcus, head of Messenger, said in an interview.

Facebook also offers a pared-down version of the internet in more than three dozen countries, called Free Basics, to connect people to the internet who do not have a reliable connection.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said the company’s mission is to get everyone in the world connected to the internet.

In other news, Facebook is to build its third data center outside the United States in Denmark to store and manage the social media giant’s growing data, such as photos and videos, a Danish news website reported.

The story of Facebook: From Harvard dorm to world domination

The 184,000 square meter facility will be built in Odense, the birthplace of writer Hans Christian Andersen, and will generate around 1,200 jobs to build it, Fyens.dk said. The California-based company opened a similar data center in Sweden in 2013 and is currently constructing a center in Ireland.

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Advertising on mobile: it's all about 'stopping the thumb'

Advertising on mobile: it’s all about ‘stopping the thumb’

Advertising on mobile: it’s all about ‘stopping the thumb’


Almost 80 years old, the deodorant Old Spice is learning new tricks for finding customers in the era of smartphones and social media.

The Procter & Gamble product, having spoofed itself for years with advice on how to become more “mantastic,” posts to its 2.6 million Facebook followers a steady stream of video games, prize entries, and advertisements as short as two seconds.

Creating “thumb-stopping” content is the goal, and marketers are doing everything they can to achieve it. That includes using neuroscience to study which visual and audio cues offer the best bet to grabbing and keeping an impatient smartphone user’s attention.

Estimates show that the average person looks at his or her smartphone as much as 150 times a day. The attention is there, but it’s just not long-lived.

Pakistanis can now make money on YouTube

“You get the three-second audition,” said Frank Amorese, media director at Heineken USA. “If you are relying on the 14th or 15th second to do the heavy lifting of the ad, it’s not going to work.”

Advertisers are in a dizzying race to connect with customers as new mobile-borne social media platforms emerge and evolve.

“The landscape changes every six months,” Amorese said. “It’s changing at an increasingly fast rate.”

Digital ad spending is projected to reach $72.1 billion in 2016, growing at a rate of 21 percent and now comprising almost 37 percent of the overall market, according to eMarketer. Social media accounts for $15.4 billion of this.

Heineken has doubled its spending on digital ads to 30 percent over the last five years.

The dominance of smaller mobile devices has heightened the challenge of capturing the attention of potential shoppers.

Ads must be tailored depending on whether they are being seen on a widescreen television, a tablet or a smartphone and must not demand too much time if a consumer is merely glancing at a feed and not planning on a lengthy stay.

“We have to really identify how do consumers engage with every single platform and then what is the creative experience we need to give them,” said P&G chief brand officer Marc Pritchard at the four-day Advertising Week conference in New York this week.

“But it also has to look like one brand because people have 5,000 ads coming at them every day and that’s 10 times what it was just 10 years ago.”

Anna Fieler, chief marketing officer at PopSugar, a women’s shopping and content site, said marketers are devising benchmarks like “sharing velocity” to monitor resonance.

“Shareability is the gold standard of how engaged people are,” she said. “People like it so much that they want to share it with someone else.”

Not all Ads place the brand front and center. Frito-Lay, which spends about 40 percent of its advertising budget on digital media, offers tips on its Facebook feed on professional mentoring and networking, in addition to the usual fare of ads that aim to excite and amuse.

“People are using social media to build their (personal) brand,” said Jeff Klein, vice president of brands and  portfolio marketing. Sometimes Frito-Lay just “takes a little bit of a back seat.”

Much of the buzz at the Advertising Week  conference was the wildfire growth of video streaming and broadcast of live events.

Facebook vice president Will Platt-Higgins predicted video could comprise 80 percent of all smartphone content by 2020.

Google smartphone expected at Oct 4 event

“You’ve got the perfect marriage of basically a supercomputer, which is in your pocket, plus super powerful wifi, plus a video composer and a high-definition camera,” he said.

“All of that together creates the perfect storm for all of us to upload videos like crazy and that’s what’s happening.”

The growth of video also opens up new opportunity  for rivals like Twitter, which has lagged Facebook in terms of building profits from ads.

Twitter posted 18 percent growth in advertising revenue last quarter spurred by video. It is betting that marketers will see more upside in plans for live events in pro football and other sports.

Video “is the number one ad format for us now and it barely existed a year ago,” said Matt Derella, vice president of global revenue and operations at Twitter. “It’s risen extremely fast and it’s driven by consumer behavior.”


Rasheed hails confident Azam

Rasheed hails confident Azam

Rasheed hails confident Azam


Pakistan batsman Babar Azam’s second consecutive ODI century and a swashbuckling 90 by Shoaib Malik propelled the Men in Green to a hugely impressive score of 337-5 in the second ODI of the three-match series against the West Indies.

Batting first on a typical Sharjah belter, the Pakistan batsmen took full advantage of some loose offerings by the tourists despite losing openers Azhar Ali and Sharjeel Khan early in the innings.

Babar scored a masterful 123 off 126 balls in an innings that bettered his sublime 120-run knock in the first ODI of the series on Friday — the Lahore youngster hit nine fours and a solitary six in his brilliant batting effort.

Malik bashed six sixes, including three on three successive balls off Suleiman Benn, during his 169-run third-wicket alliance with Babar; the right-hander perished for 90 off 84 balls. His innings also included three fours.

Perseverance the key, says centurion Azam


Sarfraz Ahmed upped the ante towards the end of the innings with a 47-ball 60 as Pakistan added 97 runs in the final 10 overs of their innings.

The wicketkeeper-batsman increased the tempo of his innings in the last few overs as the tourists wilted in Sharjah’s heat and humidity.

‘Pakistan batsmen making West Indies pay’

Former selector Haroon Rasheed praised Pakistan’s batting for their stellar show in the first innings of the second ODI, especially singling out Azam’s confident and composed display with the bat.

“It was pleasing to see Babar display his skill and class by scoring consecutive centuries,” Rasheed told The Express Tribune. “Pakistan batsmen are making full use of both the conditions and the lack of quality in West Indies’ bowling.”

Pakistan win by 59 runs, bag series 2-0 against West Indies

Rasheed also credited Malik for adapting well to the number four role. “Malik too deserves a lot of credit for the way he has adopted to number four; it is just the ideal role for him to play as he rotates the strike brilliantly, runs fast between the wickets and, of course, also has the shots to clear the boundary with ease.”

Rasheed, who played 23 Tests for Pakistan, added that the foundation provided by the top-order has helped middle and lower-order batsmen in scoring at a brisk rate.

“The top-order, by starting strongly and confidently, is helping the entire team. The batsmen lower down the order can play with an uncluttered mind and go for their shots once the top-order has provided a base. It is also refreshing to see the increasing strike rates achieved by the batsmen,” he said.

Babar praised for Azam of an innings

The 63-year-old also feels that the momentum generated by the team against the West Indians can hold them in good stead for their future tours, especially the daunting Australian tour, and in their pursuit for direct qualification for the 2019 World Cup — Pakistan need to finish eighth or above before the deadline next year if they are to directly make it to the world event.

“If you see Australia’s performances in their ODI series against South Africa you’ll notice a decline in their bowling,” said Rasheed. “There’s a lot of inexperience in their squad at the moment and with the right planning, Pakistan can be very competitive which is crucial for direct qualification for the World Cup.”

Published in The Express Tribune, October 3rd, 2016.

Juve, Milan, win, as Napoli, Inter falter,

Juve, Milan win as Napoli, Inter falter

Juve, Milan win as Napoli, Inter falter


A brace from Gonzalo Higuain helped defending champions Juventus to go four points clear of title rivals Napoli on a day of contrasting fortunes for Inter and city rivals AC Milan on Sunday.

Juventus travelled to Empoli, where the hosts’ best result against the Bianconeri was a scoreless draw in 2008, confident of ensuring that they would remain on top of the table going into the international break.

Yet the Turin giants missed a host of first-half chances before Argentine striker Paulo Dybala finally broke the deadlock on 65 minutes with a close-range strike.

Higuain hits double for rampant Juventus

Higuain then pounced on Mario Lemina’s precision pass only two minutes later to beat Lukasz Skorupski from the edge of the area.


Three minutes after that, the Argentine cheekily dispossessed Marco Zambelli yards from the Empoli goal to round the Polish ‘keeper for his second of the day as Juve claimed a 3-0 win.

Higuain moves on to seven goals in all competitions this season, six in Serie A, in which he is level with compatriot Mauro Icardi after Inter stumbled to a 2-1 defeat at Roma’s Stadio Olimpico.

“The lads did great on what is a difficult ground to play at,” Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri told Premium Sport. “They had a few counter-attacks because we didn’t finish the job off on several occasions, but it was a different story in the second half. Once we scored, everything became much easier.”

Totti scores in 23rd consecutive Serie A season

Juventus are aiming for a record sixth consecutive Serie A title this season and Napoli’s first reverse of the campaign, away to Atalanta, is a welcome boost.


Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri, speaking immediately after a 4-2 win over Benfica in the Champions League on Wednesday, had warned of the potential dangers of their trip to Bergamo.

After a bright start that saw Lorenzo Insigne’s free-kick whizz past Etrit Berisha’s upright, the visitors were stunned by Andrea Petagna’s ninth-minute opener and failed to recover.

Papu Gomez’s cross inched over the head of Kalidou Koulibaly inside the area, but after ricocheting off the face of Faouzi Ghoulam the ball fell kindly for Petagna to drive past Pepe Reina at the ‘keeper’s near post.

Sarri goes to great lengths to talk down Napoli’s hopes of winning a first title since 1990 after he took over from Rafael Benitez last year.

On Sunday, the Napoli handler turned philosophical when he said: “We have to improve against opponents who are aggressive. These kinds of games, at difficult grounds, are the limit for us.

“But if we’re going to get better, we have to play these kinds of games. It’s up to us to show we deserve to bring the points home.”

Inter Milan went off in search of a fourth win of the campaign that would keep their early season title hopes afloat.

But Frank De Boer’s men had to wait until the 72nd minute to respond to Edin Dzeko’s fifth minute opener, Ever Banega beating Wojciech Szczesny with a well-taken strike.

Only minutes later, Kostas Manolas rose to meet Alessandro Florenzi’s well-struck free kick to fire a bullet header past Samir Handanovic and secure the points that moved Roma up to third at five points off the lead.

“This is a huge win for us, and for the fans,” said Roma’s Dutch midfielder Kevin Strootman. “We’d dropped too many points, especially away from home. Now, we can look ahead.”

De Boer admitted his side had succumbed to Roma in the opening half but added: “We totally dominated the second half, a draw would have been a fairer result.”

City rivals Milan, meanwhile, got the chance to offer club owner and president Silvio Berlusconi a late 80th birthday present with a thrilling, come-from-behind 4-3 win over Sassuolo at a buzzing San Siro.

“I got a phone call from the president, Berlusconi, who offered me his congratulations,” Milan coach Vincenzo Montella told Mediaset, one of the several companies owned by Berlusconi. “I told him the boys really wanted to win tonight to be able to dedicate this victory to him as a birthday present. He was very happy.”

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Barca defeat and Real draw sends Atletico top

Barca defeat and Real draw sends Atletico top

Barca defeat and Real draw sends Atletico top


Atletico Madrid moved top of La Liga on Sunday as Celta Vigo edged Barcelona in a 4-3 thriller, whilst Real Madrid’s run of draws stretched to four against Eibar on Sunday.

Three goals in 11 first-half minutes sentenced a Barca side once again without the injured Lionel Messi as Pione Sisto, Iago Aspas and a Jeremy Mathieu own goal put Celta in command.

Gerard Pique and a Neymar penalty reduced Barca’s deficit. However, a Marc-Andre ter Stegen howler teed up Pablo Hernandez to restore Celta’s two-goal lead before Pique headed in his second late on.

Real Madrid remain two points ahead of the champions, but were booed off at the Santiago Bernabeu after a 1-1 draw against the Basque minnows.

Atletico lead their city rivals on goal difference at the top of the table despite missing two penalties as Antoine Griezmann and Kevin Gameiro netted in a 2-0 win at Valencia.

Barca boss Luis Enrique’s heaviest defeat in charge came in a 4-1 hammering at the hands of Celta last season and the former Celta coach suffered another embarrassing return to Balaidos.

Simeone’s Atletico future in doubt after changes in contract

“I can’t be satisfied because we have thrown away the opportunity to go top before the international break,” said Enrique. “We were clearly inferior in the first-half.”

Former Liverpool striker Aspas did most of the damage as Sisto slotted home the opener from his superb through ball.

Aspas then drilled the second into the far corner and it was under pressure from the Celta striker that Mathieu turned Daniel Wass’s excellent cross into his own net.

Enrique introduced Andres Iniesta on his 600th Barca appearance for the second-half and his presence transformed the Catalans after the break.

Pique headed home Iniesta’s cross to give the visitors hope and a brilliant pass into Andre Gomes provoked a penalty just after the hour, which Neymar converted.

However, all of Barca’s good work was undone when Ter Stegen chipped the ball into the path of the onrushing Pablo Hernandez to head into an unguarded net.

Barca will miss injured Messi, says Zidane

Pique set up a grandstand finish three minutes from time and the centre-back was inches away from an incredible hat-trick when he glanced a header wide in stoppage time.

Earlier, Eibar celebrated their first ever goal and point against Madrid wildly.

Fran Rico headed the visitors into a sixth minute lead before Gareth Bale’s 50th La Liga goal secured a fourth consecutive draw for Real.

“The game is 90 minutes long and lately we have started matches very badly,” said Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane.

It is the first time Madrid have drawn four successive games since Zidane was a Real player in 2006.

“It is not a crisis. It is still October and I am not going to go crazy, but something is wrong,” said Zidane. “The only thing I can see we can do is to work harder and play with more intensity.”

The European champions badly missed the presence of Luka Modric, who is set to be sidelined for a month after undergoing knee surgery on Sunday morning.

Ronaldo-less Real Madrid net record 16th straight win

Real took almost an hour to get firm control of the game and Cristiano Ronaldo had the chance to snatch the three points but blasted over from point-blank range.

A super Bale header also came back off the post and substitute Alvaro Morata had a goal rightly ruled out for offside as Eibar held on for a historic point.

Earlier, Valencia goalkeeper Diego Alves’s heroics couldn’t deny Atletico as he extended his exceptional penalty record with stops from Griezmann and Gabi either side of the Frenchman’s opener just after the hour mark.

However, Gameiro finally sealed a deserved three points for Atletico in stoppage time.

New Valencia coach Cesare Prandelli watched on from the stands before officially taking charge on Monday, but other than Alves taking his record of saved penalties to 22 from 45 faced in Spanish football, there were few positives for the Italian.

Griezmann had hit the bar from the spot against Bayern in midweek and his well-struck penalty was brilliantly turned behind.

But Gameiro teed up Griezmann for his sixth La Liga goal of the season.

Gabi then saw a poor spot-kick easily saved by Alves, but deep into stoppage time Gameiro slotted past Alves to seal the win.

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