Samsung recalls Note 7 flagship over explosive batteries

Samsung recalls Note 7 flagship over explosive batteries

Samsung recalls Note 7 flagship over explosive batteries

Samsung Electronics is recalling its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and said that battery problems were behind phones catching fire.


The decision follows reports in the US and South Korea of the phone “exploding” during or after charging.

The South Korean company said customers who had already bought the phone would be able to swap it for a new one.

Samsung said it had been difficult to work out which phones were affected among the 2.5 million Note 7s sold.

“There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process, so it was very difficult to figure out,” the president of Samsung’s mobile business Koh Dong-jin told reporters.

“It will cost us so much it makes my heart ache. Nevertheless, the reason we made this decision is because what is most important is customer safety,” he said.

The firm said it would take about two weeks to prepare replacement devices.

According to Samsung, the phone has been launched in 10 countries so far but with different companies supplying the batteries.

The recall comes just one week ahead of an expected presentation of a new iPhone model from its main rival Apple.

Aisam-ul-Haq pulls out of NZ Davis Cup tie

Aisam-ul-Haq pulls out of NZ Davis Cup tie

Aisam-ul-Haq pulls out of NZ Davis Cup tie


KARACHI: Pakistan´s number one tennis player Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi said Monday he has pulled out of a Davis Cup tie in New Zealand later this week “to take a stand”.

The 2010 US Open Doubles finalist remains unhappy that a 2013 match against the same opponents held in Myanmar was handed by the match referee to New Zealand because of poor playing conditions, while Qureshi was winning.

Pakistan has not hosted a Davis Cup tie since 2005 and plays its home matches in neutral venues because of security concerns.

He tweeted: “I believe we need to make a stand for our Country & rights especially nowadays when unfortunately no place is safe.”

Speaking to AFP, his father Ehtisham ul Haq added: “Aisam is not in the right frame of mind and to pre-empt any further controversy he has pulled out of the tie.”

The Pakistan team was due to travel to Christchurch for their Davis Cup Asia Oceania Group I second round play-offs from September 16-18.

Ehtisham added: “Pakistan had offered a number of options to save the 2013 tie but New Zealand´s approach was unprecedented… which they should have made up by touring Pakistan.”

Tennis New Zealand has hit back, saying the decision to play in a neutral venue was made by International Tennis Federation (ITF).

“Pakistan had applied to the ITF to play the tie in their country but for obvious reasons (security concerns) that were rejected by the ITF,” TNZ chief executive Steve Johns told

“So, for Qureshi to say we didn´t want to go Pakistan is incorrect. We never had the opportunity because the ITF made its decision before we got to the point where we had to decide whether or not we would go to Pakistan.”

Qureshi, whose highest single´s ranking was 125, reached the US Open men´s doubles finals with Indian Rohan Bopanna and the mixed double´s final with Czech Kveta Peschke.

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Government announces three-day holiday for Eidul Azha

Government announces three-day holiday for Eidul Azha

Government announces three-day holiday for Eidul Azha


The federal government has announced a three-day holiday for Eidul Azha across the country.

According to a spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, the holidays will be observed from September 12-14, i.e. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday across the country.

Zilhaj moon not sighted, Eidul Azha on September 13

On Friday, the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee had announced that the Zilhaj moon was not sighted in the country and Eidul Azha would be celebrated on Tuesday – September 13.

However, the meteorological office had said there were ample chances of moon sighting as the weather had remained clear.

Earlier, Mufti Muneebur Rehman had written a letter to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, urging it to restrain the Met Office from making predictions about moon sighting to avert confusion.

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President Mamnoon arrives in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj

President Mamnoon arrives in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj


President Mamnoon Hussain arrived in Saudi Arabia along with his family on Saturday evening to perform Hajj.

According to Arab News, the President offered prayers at Masjid al-Nabawi on Saturday and Sunday ahead of his travel to perform the annual ritual, said Pakistan ambassador Manzoorul Haq.

“President Mamnoon prayed for excellent bilateral ties with Saudi Arabia. He also prayed for the solidarity, progress and prosperity of the people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and for peace and prosperity of the Muslim Ummah,” he added.

Pakistan will stand by Saudi Arabia if territorial integrity threatened

The envoy also highlighted that the visit of Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Asia began from Pakistan in January, showing the country’s significance in the region.

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Thousands of Ahmadis fleeing persecution in Pakistan and seeking Asylum overseas

Thousands of Ahmadis fleeing persecution in Pakistan and seeking Asylum overseas


More and more Ahmadis are leaving Pakistan and seeking asylum overseas as persecution in Pakistan increases. Sources within Pakistan and stats released by the U.S. indicate that Ahmadis are the largest asylum seeking group from Pakistan.Newly published statistics by Germany, U.K., and the US revealed that over 10,000 Pakistanis had sought asylum in these three countries over the past year.

Data from US Department of State which classified refugees by religion showed that most of the 376 Pakistanis who applied for refuge in 2016 were Ahmadis. Throughout the last five years, Ahmadis were the single largest group of Pakistanis seeking refuge in the US. Ahmadis accounted for over half of all Pakistani asylum applicants with 746 claimants. The data further revealed that 240 Christians and 66 Shias also sought refuge.

Meanwhile, Germany received the highest number of asylum application from Pakistanis. Data from the German interior ministry showed that 9,185 Pakistanis applied for asylum from January to July 2016. This was in contrast to just 2,546 applications in 2015. Sources within the Ahmadiyya community say, most of those applicants were Ahmadis.

Similarly, in the UK, 2,992 Pakistanis applied for asylum from June 2015 to June 2016, however only 16 percent of the applications were accepted.

Europe and U.S. are not the only destinations for Ahmadi asylum seekers. Many have even fled to South East Asia and remote parts of Africa. Countries with a significant Ahmadi refugee population include Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Uganda and Ghana.

The Ahmadiyya sect of Islam is practically banned in Pakistan. Ahmadi Muslims are targets of extremist groups who consider them heretics and under the Pakistani law it is a crime for Ahmadis to label themselves Muslims.

Kabul attack death toll 24, with 91 wounded

Kabul attack death toll 24, with 91 wounded

Kabul attack death toll 24, with 91 wounded


The death toll in Monday’s suicide attack in a crowded area near the defence ministry in the Afghan capital, Kabul, reached at least 24, with 91 people wounded, including civilians, a spokesperson for the public health ministry said.

The toll might rise further, the spokesperson, Mohammad Ismail Kawousi, added.

The two bombers blew themselves up in rapid succession, in an attack apparently aimed at inflicting mass casualties as government workers left the ministry after work.

“The first explosion occurred on a bridge near the defence ministry. When soldiers, policemen and civilians rushed to the scene, there was the second explosion,” defence ministry spokesperson Mohammad Radmanish said.

35 killed in bus, fuel tanker collision in Afghanistan

President Ashraf Ghani strongly condemned the attack.

“The enemies of Afghanistan are losing the fight in the ground battle with security forces,” Ghani said in a statement. “That is why they are attacking, highways, cities, mosques, schools and ordinary people.”

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said on Twitter that the defence ministry was the object of the first attack, while police were targeted in the second.

The attack took place more than a week after 16 people were killed when militants stormed the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, in a nearly 10-hour raid that prompted anguished pleas for help from trapped students.

Explosions and gunfire rocked the campus in that attack, which came just weeks after two university professors – an American and an Australian – were kidnapped at gunpoint near the school.

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Women killed by his husband in Chenab Nagar

Women killed by his husband in Chenab Nagar

Women killed by his husband in Chenab Nagar
35-year-old women killed by his husband in Chenab nagar. According to media reports the husband first cuts the arms of the wife and other body parts and after smashed on the head, due the head injury and loss of blood the women died on the sport and the killer run away from the house.
Further reports said the family shift in Rabwah a few days ago from Karachi, and now they are the resident of the darul Rehmat garbi.
The saddest thing is that the women have 6 children including 5 boys and 1 girl.
The age of the elder child is 16- year- old.
Police now starting further investigations about the matter and trying to catch the killer.