Nigeria: Feds Should Diversify Nigeria Economy through Agriculture Says Ahmadiyya Elders’ Forum

Nigeria: Feds Should Diversify Nigeria Economy through Agriculture Says Ahmadiyya Elders’ Forum


The members of the Majlis Ansarullah Ahmadiyya (the Elders’ forum of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at) Nigeria has called on Federal Government of Nigeria, State Governors and Local governments head to diversify the nation economy through agriculture.

The Elders’ stated this recently in a communique signed by it Sadr (National President), Alhaji M. B. Odukoya and General Secretary, BLDR B. S. A. Towolawi in Ekiti State, South-west, Nigeria said the government will create more employment for unemployed youths if this can be achieved.

“Governments at all levels of the Nigeria political structure should, as a way of diversifying the nation’s economy, veer significantly and committedly into Agriculture as a primal instrument and potent tool for job creation, especially for our vibrant but helpless youths, sustainable economic growth and more importantly food security”.

The Majlis enjoined governments in all states to ensure that there is provision of uninterrupted power supply in the country, which will ultimately engineer a high level of employment when local production of goods and services are sustainably improved.

Also discussed during its 41st Annual National Ijtema (Convention), with theme topic: Real Global Reformation and Revolution: The Islamic Prescription in Ekiti State, South-west, Nigeria, is security of live and prosperity.

“Being seriously concerned and worried about the spate of improvement of the masses, as well as insecurity of live and property, the Ahmadi-Muslim Elders therefore resolved and recommended the following”.

“Most Nigerians now live in fear day and night due to the activities of different ravaging reactionary forces in different parts of the country”.

They pleaded with FG, especially State Governors, should do everything to ensure that workers’ wage are paid to them as at when due, to enable them feed their families; at least, minimally so that they do not consequently become a threat to the peace of the entire society.

The Elders stressed further that most Nigerians are now seriously impoverished as a result of the economy that continues to nose-dive into depression by the day.

Source times of Ahamdiyya.