On top of the cricket world!

Nothing succeeds like success, it is said. And it is said for a reason. With success we can simply shove everything else aside and push it under the rug. To bask in the glory of success — howsoever transient it may well be — is something that falls within the domain of acceptable human behaviour. Having said that, let’s enjoy for now being the Numero Uno Test side in the world. It sounds good. It does.

A bit too much had to happen around the world to make it possible for Pakistan, but now that it has all happened, there is no, absolutely no reason not to bask in the glory of the moment. For a team long deprived of home conditions, it is but a thing to rejoice. The only problem one can see cropping up out of this otherwise wonderful moment is that it might work as a lullaby to the ears of those running the show administratively when the fact of the matter is that Pakistan’s position as the top Test nation is not because of them; it is despite them being around.

The superficial, if not superfluous, interventions like the military boot camp and a merry-go-round involving fancy designations and the same old faces can’t take the team forward, but everyone will chip in with their acts of wonder (more perceived than actual), proving the maxim right that success has many fathers while defeat is an orphan.

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