Smartphones for farmers

Smartphones for farmers

LAHORE: The Punjab government will provide 500,000 smartphones to farmers for receiving billion rupee-worth interest-free loans a year and other agriculture services in the first phase of a five-year project for providing five million smartphones.

“The distribution of smartphones will start in October and its apps will also help farmers interact with agriculture officials and experts for advice on improvement in crops,” said Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Dr Umer Saif while addressing a meeting at his office on Wednesday.

He said farmers would be able to apply for agri loans through the PITB-led app that would eliminate patwari and bank agent culture. He also said the app would help farmers receive alerts about weather conditions, crop diseases and protection and timely use of fertilizers and pesticides.

He said farmers would be provided interest-free loans through the National Bank, Agriculture Development Bank, Bank of Punjab, Tameer Bank, Akhuwat and the National Rural Support Programme.

Source Dawn news

Perspective: France’s burkini ban is so divisive | Meliha Hayat

Perspective: France’s burkini ban is so divisive | Meliha Hayat


The burkini is not an Islamic item of clothing but a modern-day invention for ladies who wish to cover themselves for whatever reason.

When President François Hollande declared that France was at war with Islamic State he stated that the nation’s democracy was at risk and that citizens should stand united “because our unity is our strength”.

But is France in danger of putting such unity at risk? When we witness four armed officers ordering a woman to undress on a public beach, one must ask how this helps promote national unity, which by definition must include people of all faiths and of no faith?

The burkini is not an Islamic item of clothing but a modern-day invention for ladies who wish to cover themselves for whatever reason. It may even be seen as a political statement but the French government’s reaction will do little to tackle extremism.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has spoken out against the ban, saying that positive change can only come about through “shared values and integration”. Politicians, rightly, should be focusing on social stability, better education and working alongside communities to improve national security and eradicate extremism. They should be breaking down barriers — not encouraging exclusion.

Source / The Times of Ahmad

Six suspected terrorist arrested in Faisalabad

RAWALPINDI: Security forces conducted a combing operation in Faisalabad and surrounding areas yesterday at midnight and arrested six terrorists.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), various areas were searched during the operation and six terrorists were taken into custody. ISPR said that some of the held terrorists were on the watch list since 2014.

The terrorists include handlers of suicide bombers and recruiters of attackers.

Previously, 196 terrorists of different outfits were arrested in the combing operations in Punjab. They include nine from Al-Qaeda and 13 from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Most of the arrested terrorists belong to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Five of Al-Qaeda’s terrorists were arrested from Lahore and four from Dera Ghazi Khan.

Combing operation have not only broken the back of terrorists but also helped in restoring peace in country.


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Rabwah – Goats markets in Eid

Rabwah – Goats markets on Eid

Eid is nearly upon us, to be celebrated in memory of Hazrat Ibrahim’s and his son Hazrat Ismail’s (AS) recall.


Due to Eid, the prices of the animals are very high in Rabwah. Especially the prices of goats are not in the range of the peoples.

In the goat markets, the prices are very unaffordable for the poor.

The price of average goat is minimum 15, 000 which have only 10 to 12 kg meat.

And the price of the cow is also very high the price of average cow start from 50,000.

Its mean that the most of the poor peoples are not able to celebrate the pleasure of the Eid.
It is painful to comment that most of the people cannot celebrate Eid expectedly as the prices of animals are out of the reach for the common man.
In the goat bazaars, the prices are very unaffordable for the poor, while people with money are celebrating Eid with full happiness and joy.
The government is demanded to take solid steps to decrease the high price of animals and allow celebrations for everyone.