Italy comes to Pakistan, creates a markhor mural at Jinnah Airport

Something’s happening at Jinnah International Airport, and it involves a markhor.

No, our national animal isn’t on the loose ready to delay your next flight — it’s going to be part of a mural.

VASL Artists’ Collective has partnered up with the Italian Consulate to paint yet another mural at Jinnah International Airport.

Accompanied by curator Mario Liberali, Italian artist Maurizio Boscheri has planned to paint a mural featuring the national animal of Pakistan, the markhor. The two came to Karachi for an exhibition at Mohatta Palace that features artwork based on nature and wildlife.

Arriving at Jinnah International Airport, we were greeted by the sight of the artists and VASL team members Veera, Hira and Yasser. Veera Rustomji, a member of VASL met with us and introduced us to all present and also to VASL itself.

Source : Dawn News