Canada: Calgary Ahmadiyya mosque provides support for ‘Country Thunder’ music festival

Something extraordinary happened in Calgary this last weekend, it was reported in Canadian media.

According to the report, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Baitun Nur Mosque donated space for the “Country Thunder” music festival on its property and hosted music festival’s certain facilities in the mosque Parking lot.

“It’s awesome having this right by,” crew member Alex Stevens said, according to the Global News. “Such hospitality helps us out.”

Mosque leader Sultan Mahmood told Global News the festival’s opening day came at a busy time.

“Friday is a special day and we have the Friday prayers,” Mahmood said. “So a lot of people are here on Fridays. It’s the busiest day at the mosque.”

Music festival organizers had agreed to turn down the volume during prayer times, which occur five times a day.

At the mosque’s request, festival organizers said no alcohol was brought onto the mosque’s property.

Alex Stevens reportedly told Global News they respected the request and Mahmood had also acknowledged saying “I think we should be fine.”

Stevens thanked Mahmood for hosting, who responded: “We wish you best of luck for the program.”

The Country Thunder festival ran Friday, Aug. 19 through Sunday, Aug. 21.

WATCH BELOW: Organizers of the “Country Thunder” music festival are getting a bit of help from some of their neighbours in northeast Calgary. As Gil Tucker shows us, festival crew members are grateful for the support.

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Source/Credit: Global News