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Source/Credit: Calgary Metro
By Aaron Chatha |

The group is also celebrating 50 years of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Canada

When the Mobile Muslim tour rolled through Calgary one Tuesday, they brought signs, literature, a bus and – most importantly – their voices.

The group spent hours on Stephen Avenue talking to Calgarians frankly and openly about Islam and their community, in a cross-country effort to demystify Islam in the eyes of Canadians.

The tour launched two weeks ago in St. John’s and passed through Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and now Alberta.

The group, representing Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, said they were also marking 50 years of the community’s establishment in Canada by reaching out Canadians.

Representative Shahrukh Abid has been thrilled with the response they’ve gotten.

“Most Canadians are very tolerant and understanding,” he said. “Even if they have misconceptions about Islam, they still approach us. The fact they’re not stubborn, they’re open to new ideas and learning about Islam, that was pretty awesome to see.”

They have faced a bit of hostility however, especially in smaller towns in Western Canada. But Abid said that only makes up one per cent of all the people they’ve met.

Most have asked lots of questions, and allowed Abid to clear up notions that Islam is a radical or dangerous faith. He explains their main tenets are peace, harmony and brotherhood.

After finishing in Calgary, the group packed up and moved on towards Kamloops, their next stop on the way to Vancouver.