Perspective: Trees are a blessing in Islam | Anjum Qaisrani

IN Islam, planting trees is a continued charity for the one who plants them.

This means that every time anyone receives any benefit from a tree such as eating its fruit or sitting under its shade, he or she receives blessings and virtues.

Sunday, July 26 was National Tree Day. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community participated on more than 20 sites all around Australia.

I and other members of Ahmadiyya Muslim youth participated on a site arranged by the City of Gosnells on Wilfred Street in Thornlie.

In spite of rain, it was a wonderful experience followed by hot tea and a barbecue.

I am sure National Tree Day will continue to be an event of adding more and more trees to the planet and I hope the number of participants will increase every year.

Whether religious or not, planting trees is an obligation that we should fulfil for our next generations.

Source/Credit: Fremental Gazette