Information from mental health professionals, social workers, and religious leaders can be a “valuable asset” in preventing radicalisation, the Department of Justice says.

Research on lone wolf terror attacks found that, in 60% of cases, the attacker had told someone else about their planned attack beforehand.

An Ahmadiyya Muslim religious leader, Imam Ibrahim Noonan, has called on the Government to “regulate mosques” and says gardaí should have the power to conduct random checks.

Speaking ahead of the 15th annual convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association convention tomorrow, Imam Noonan, a Galway-based convert, said he has met some young Muslim men with a “tendency towards an Isis mentality”.

The Ahmadiyya community believes in non-violence, tolerance of faiths, and separation of religion and state.

Garda Assistant Commissioner Michael O’Sullivan is to speak at the event. A garda spokesman yesterday said: “We have worked hard to gain the trust and confidence of Muslims. Working closely with minority communities leads to information gathering that can also eventually identify potential risks from a small number within their community.”