Our prayers are with the Dallas police officers 

Now we are mourning the loss of five Dallas police officers.

I belong to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, living with my wife and children in the North Texas area for past 12 years. I want to share my encounters with the police officers as a tribute to their services.

The first incident was in New York City. We were at Times Square and our 10-year-old son got separated from us. My wife and I were gripped with fear and helplessness. But after the longest five minutes of our lives, we saw NYPD police officers bring him to us.

A few years ago, my son lost his cellphone in a Plano park. Using the “Find my Phone” app, we were able to locate the phone in Carrollton. With the help of the police departments of Carrollton and Plano, we were able to get our phone back the next day.

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Source/Credit: The Dallas Morning News
By Jari Khan | July 8, 2016