Pakistan announces to build more gates and fences on Pak Afghan border

Pakistan has declared to build more fences and gates on Pak Afghan border in order to stop the illegal transfer of good and terrorists.

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif while briefing the upper house of parliament on Thursday said Islamabad wanted brotherly dealings with Kabul despite on-ground grievances.

“We have no dispute with Afghanistan,” he said. “The enemies of Pakistan do not want it to progress neither do they want it to live in peace with Afghanistan and they are playing an effective role in doing just that.”

Sartaj Aziz the secretary of foreign affairs said Afghanistan initiated unprovoked firing despite the border gate being constructed 31 metres inside the Pakistani border.

“Pakistan did not show aggression or instigated the Afghans in the first place. It was the other way round,” the adviser said, adding he had contacted the Afghan foreign minister and national security adviser to “sit together and remove the gaps in communication or any misunderstandings”.

He emphasized it was vital for both sides to resolve issues through dialogue. “These tensions are against the spirit of friendship between both the countries which share a common religion, cultural values and strong bonds between the people,” Aziz believed.

However in Senate, the defense minister believed problems with Kabul could be simply set with the return of the three million Afghan migrants living in Pakistan for nearly four decades. “If the refuges return, there will be no accusations on us of Quetta Shura or Haqqani Network,” he added.

“The environment is already vitiating,” the minister said. “If the Pak-Afghan border is sorted out and there are proper crossings, then neither of us will complain. Pakistan has had to pay a hefty price for Afghan refugees.”