Hamza Ali Abaasi reaction on social media over PEMRA ban

Hamza Ali Abbasi start to speak for the Ahmadis in his TV show threats and violent reaction is continues to flow from the different religious personalities.

On the show “Ishq-e-Ramadan” shown on June 15, 216 on Pakistan’s TV ONE, a famous Pakistani religious person Mr. Maulana Kaukab Noorani Okarvi not only warned Hmaza Ali Abbasi but also threated to the peaceful Ahmadi community in his statement with murder. Remember that famous host and actor Hamza Ali Abbasi raised the voice for the Ahmadi community in his TV show.

Mr. Abbasi had earlier raised the question of the rights of Ahmadis in Pakistan. Disturbed by Mr. Abbasi’s sympathy for Pakistan’s 5 million Ahmadis, Mr. Noorani said:

“.. the honor of this nation is very much alive… If law doesn’t take action, Muslims are ready to take action. It is law in the Pakistan Armed Forces that anyone who commits treason be shot dead at that very spot. If this is rule for an army, is my prophet not worth even this mush dignity? This (anti-Ahmadi laws & blasphemy laws) is a part of Pakistan’s constitution. How dare he (Hamza Ali Abbasi) speak about this issue… Our honor does not let us tolerate this crime. We are very peaceful people, but if someone dares say such things about the “finality of prophethood,” then remember that we are all soldiers in the army of Abu Bakr (ra). And we have no hesitation in this matter. Giving our life in this cause is the biggest honor for us… Everyone who remains silent on this issue is a criminal and is complicit…”

The government and PEMRA should take action against the violent statements that can destroy the peace and can become dangerous for Ahmadis in all over Pakistan.