Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat CNY USA gathered and hold a pray ceremony for Orlando victims

USA; Ahmadiyya Muslim Community keeps holding the pray ceremonies in different states fro paying tribute to the who lost their lives in the Orlando shooting. People from all religions are taking part in these pray gatherings including Muslims.


Ahmadiyya Muslim jamat East Syracuse, NY also organized a gathering in which all the People not only condemned the vast killing of innocent people but also paid tribute to the victims also prayed collectively for the late people and their families.

“We condemn this senseless and horrific act of violence in the strongest possible terms,” the community said Thursday in a press release. “Our hearts go out to the innocent victims and their families. We stand in solidarity with them as their neighbors and brothers and sisters in peace. Islam teaches reverence for all human life. This is a time to pray and act to stop such senseless violence in our nation.”

Remember an extremist Omar Mateen killed about 49 people in a night club.
“In the true teaching of Islam such acts have no place,” he said. “Anyone who does not respect human life does not understand the true teaching.”