Ahmadiyya Charity organization Humanity First to use CHARE communication platform

Humanity First (HF) the Ahmadiyya Charity organization will now use Channel-based Communication Platform to raise funds and angage the people who want to take part in the charity programs.

All the big and major charity institutions use the CHARE for the communication. The aid of humanity first that is comprised different projects are supported by member aids, different contributions, donations in kind, and collection campaigns will now be monitor and launched in CHARE. Remember that all the big and famous charity organizations which are working for humanity and human rights are already using CHARE such as UNICEF, Red Cross and many others. Every user who spends the time on CHARE will become the part of fund raising as a contributor. Humanity First was already searching for a platform to engage maximum people as what Sapp minimize the engagement. On whatsapp you can only add 256 people whereas CHARE provide unlimited number to add for the communication.

had been looking for a communications app that allows exchanges in groups of unlimited size for a long time. In comparison, Whatsapp limits groups to 256 people. With CHARE, the community can grow to any size and Humanity First can also use the app for its TV station, which various channels can subscribe to. CHARE’s survey feature is also ideal for the communication needs of the aid organization.

Those who are interested can download CHARE for iOS here: itunes.apple.com/app/chare/id940383748?l=en&mt= 8 and for Android here:play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advancedprogressive.charenew