Apply For USA; A nine month English teachers training parograme

Apply For USA; A nine month English teachers training parograme

Apply For USA; A nine month English teachers training parograme

Apply For USA;

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program 2017 has been announced. FLTA is a nine-month, non-degree program for young teachers of English to refine their teaching skills and increase English proficiency.

The FLTA Program is a nine-month, U.S. Department of State funded, non-degree program that provides young teachers of English an opportunity to refine their teaching skills, increase their English language proficiency and extend their knowledge of the society and culture of the United States, while teaching their native language to U.S. students and strengthening foreign language instruction at U.S. colleges and universities. Fulbright FLTA participants also interact with their host communities in conversation groups, extracurricular activities, and community outreach projects. Fulbright FLTA participants must immediately return to their home countries upon completion of the program.


  • Tentative Announcement: March/April
  • Duration: 9-10 months
  • Grantees start studies: Fall next year

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani national with a valid Pakistani Passport.
  • Resident in Pakistan throughout the nomination and selection process.
  • Be a young, early career educator.
  • Minimum of 16 years of formal education.
  • Be a teacher of the English language or a related field at the college or university level.
  • Prior teaching experience is preferred.

How to apply

All application materials (original and one copy), including references, must be received by USEFP at P.O. Box 1128 Islamabad. Please note that you cannot send application through courier to a P.O. Box address.


UEFA Euro Cup 2016 Schedule; The action will start on 10th of June

UEFA Euro Cup 2016 Schedule; The action will start on 10th of June

24 heavyweights of Europe are ready to battle against each other in the biggest competition of the Europe. Euro 2016 is set to kick off on June 10 when host France takes on Romania.

France is widely considered one of the favorites at Euro 2016, but Spain enters the tournament looking for its third straight European title.

The winner of the tournament earns the right to compete at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.  The full schedule is below

Group stage

Group A

Friday, June 10: France vs. Romania,

​Saturday, June 11: Albania vs. Switzerland,

Wednesday, June 15: Romania vs. Switzerland,

Wednesday, June 15: France vs. Albania,

​Sunday, June 19: Switzerland vs. France

Sunday, June 19: Romania vs. Albania,

Group B

Saturday, June 11: Wales vs. Slovakia,

Saturday, June 11: England vs. Russia,

Wednesday, June 15: Russia vs. Slovakia

Thursday, June 16: England vs. Wales

Sunday, June 20: Slovakia vs. England, ​

Sunday, June 20: Russia vs. Wales

Group C

Sunday, June 12: Poland vs. Northern Ireland

Sunday, June 12: Germany vs.Ukraine,

Thursday, June 16: Ukraine vs. Northern Ireland, noon, ESPN

Thursday, June 16: Germany vs. Poland

Tuesday, June 21: Northern Ireland vs. Germany

Tuesday, June 21: Ukraine vs. Poland

Group D

Sunday, June 12: Turkey vs. Croatia

Monday, June 13: Spain vs. Czech Republic

Friday, June 17: Czech Republic vs. Croatia

​Friday, June 17: Spain vs. Turkey

Tuesday, June 21: Croatia vs. Spain

Tuesday, June 21: Czech Republic vs. Turkey

Group E

Monday, June 13: Ireland vs. Sweden

Monday, June 13: Belgium vs. Italy,

Friday, June 17: Italy vs. Sweden

Saturday, June 18: Belgium vs. Ireland

Wednesday, June 22: Sweden vs. Belgium

Wednesday, June 22: Italy vs. Ireland

Group F

Tuesday, June 14: Austria vs. Hungary

Tuesday, June 14: Portugal vs. Iceland

​Saturday, June 18: Iceland vs. Hungary

​Saturday, June 18: Portugal vs. Austria

Wednesday, June 22: Iceland vs. Austria

Wednesday, June 22: Hungary vs. Portugal


Knockout stages

Round of 16

Saturday, June 25: 2A vs. 2C

Saturday​, June 25: 1B vs. 3A or 3C or 3D​,

​Saturday, June 25: 1D vs. 3B or 3E or 3F

​Sunday, June 26: 1A vs. 3C or 3D or 3E vs. Austria

​Sunday​, June 26: 1C vs. 3A or 3B or 3F

​Sunday, June 26: 1F vs. 2E

Monday, June 27: 1E vs. 2D
Monday, June 27: 2B vs. 2F


Thursday, June 30: Winner Match 1 vs. Winner Match 3

Friday​, July 1: Winner Match 2 vs. Winner Match 6,

​Saturday, July 2: Winner Match 5 vs. Winner Match 7,

​Sunday, July 3: Winner Match 4 vs. Winner Match 8,


Wednesday, July 6: Winner QF 1 vs. Winner QF 2,

Thursday, July 7: Winner QF 3 vs. Winner QF 4


Saturday, July 10: Final


Demand of shifting the Ramadan bazar from Rabwah by the religious extremists has been rejected by Government

Demand of shifting the Ramadan bazar from Rabwah by the religious extremists has been rejected by Government

Demand of shifting the Ramadan bazar from Rabwah by the religious extremists has been rejected by Government

Ramadan bazar Rabwah

Discrimination injustice and hate on the basis of faith and religion against Ahmadis has become missive in all over Pakistan since a few years. Deaths and attacks on Ahmadis has become a tradition of extrimists and they are free of fear or accountability.

A new example has been set by the opposites so called Muslim religious extremists by demanding to remove the Ramadan bazar from Rabwah so that the Ahmadi population of Rabwah may not become the beneficial as they are not Muslim.

Ramadan bazar was set near railway crossing rabwah but religious extremists have required to shift the Bazar.

Chuhdary Islam and other extremists not only said to resist against Opposition but also threated to protest. They also went to Lahore High Court but court sent them to Chiniot district administration.

Official spokesman of jamat Ahmadfiyya Saleem Ul Din Said in an interview that when the DCO contacted the Jamaat for some plot in the area to set up the bazaar he had recommended that it should be set up at a plot possessed by the Jamaat on Aqsa Road. He said the starting of the bazaar was clear on confrontation from anti-Ahmedia clerics and fundamentals that had illegally engaged the land. He said the bazaar was then set up at its current location near a car parking before the railway crossing. He said the Jamaat had no objection if the facility was shifted to some other place


DCO Shaukat Khichi said there was no mass opposition to the decision to set up the bazaar at its current location. He said Chaudhry Islam and Zulfiqar Ahmed were not residents of the area. “They are just two trouble makers. They want to defame me because I took action against them for blackmailing the administration of a sugar mill,” he said. He said he would take action against the men if there was an forthcoming risk.

DCO also declared that he has not receive any complain from any resident of Chiniot district and he will not take pressure ofg these religious extremists.

The DCO said there was no restriction on people of other faiths to shop at the Ramazan Bazaars. “Christian citizens in the neighbourhood too shop at Ramazan Bazaars. There is no reason why Ahmedis should not.

Jobs available in Waqaf E Jadid Offices Rabwah

Jobs available in Waqaf E Jadid Offices Rabwah

Nazarat Waqafa E Jadid Rabwah requires jobs in different categories.  Ahmadi youngsters can apply after the certification of Sadar/Ameer Jamat.

1; Civil Engineer; Qualification required; At least BS in civil Engineers.

2; Clerks grade two; Qualification required; At least intermediate and skills in Word, Excel, In page and computer basics.  Graduates and Waqafeen E Zindgi will be given preference.

3; Employees grade 4; Workers for cleanliness who can write and read.

Send your applications to the Waqaf E Jadid Offices Rabwah.

Phone; 0476-214871