Ahmadiyya Muslim community UK shows respect through gifts to old people in Dagenham

Ahmadiyya Muslim community is known for its peace loving motto Love for all hatred for none. Ahmadiyya Muslims keeps arranging the activities to display the love for mankind. Ahmadiyya community arranged a delegation that distributed gifts and flowers to the old people in Barking to spread their message of “love for all, hatred for none”. Bringing baskets of fruit, bunches of flowers and tins of biscuits, the Barking branch of the minority Muslim organization hoped to honor what it trusts to be a vital principle of Islam – charity.

Saimah Ahmed, 37, said looking out for the elderly is a key part of her faith after she and four other women dropped off their donations at Chestnut Care Home in Frizlands Lane, Dagenham.

“The elderly in Islam are given a lot of respect because of their age and experience,” she said. “The residents were really happy with our donations and we enjoyed the visit.

“Islamic awareness week is a good time to raise awareness about real Islamic teachings,” she said. “The key thing is about peace and caring for people in the community – this is what Islam is about.”

She also told that the motive behind this charity activity was to display peace love and compassion among all religiouns.