A Great Ahmadi (Mr. Azam Akseer) has passed away

It is very sad to inform you that Mr. Azam Akseer (Murabi silsila Ahmadiyya) has passed away today.He was recently working as Incharge of ‘Mutkhasaseen’ at Tehrik-e-Jadid, Rabwah .He was a great scholar and good speaker as well.
He served and devoted his whole life for Jamat Ahmadiyya.His Janaza prayer will be offered at Masjid Mubarak on Asar prayer.The prayer time of Asar at Masjid Mubarak is 5:30 PM.
iRabwah is presenting a tribute to such great man for his services to the community.

An Ahmadi brother Dawood Ahmed have embraced Shahadat in Karachi today.

Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Pakistan continuous.
An Ahmadi brother Dawood Ahmed s/o Haji Ghulam Mohiuddin age 55 years have embraced Shahadat in Karachi today.
Last night unknown gunmen shot him in Gulzar e Hijri around 9 PM while he was waiting for a friend outside his home. He received 3 bullets.
He was shifted to Liaquat national hospital but he succumbed to his fatal injuries and embraced Shahadat today. انا للّٰہ وانا الیہ راجعون
His friend who was not Ahmadi was also shot in legs when he rushed to pick him up. He underwent surgery & is in stable condition now.
Dawood Ahmad Sahab left behind 3 sons. His wife died few years ago due to cancer.
Please remember all of them in your special prayers.

Tahir homeopathic Hospital and Research Institute Rabwah.

Tahir homeopathic Hospital and Research Institute Rabwah.
In a developing country like Pakistan, a majority of people are deprived even of the basic health care. For those in the middle to lower income bracket, proper treatment is a distant dream. Hence, death and despair were his/her destiny.

In Rabwah Tahirhomeo Pathic Hospital and research institute is a unique medical facility where all type of illness are treated free of cost including Cancer. On annual Basis, Tahir home caters to the need of 1,35,000 patients who come not only from Pakistan but from all over the world.
patients have to take a difficult journey to Rabwah to receive a more thorough checkup.On a daily basis, a part of Friday holiday 350 women’s and 150 men are checked.
Since the establishment of this Hospital hundreds of thousands of patients have been helped and supported, but there is however still so much to be done and many more lives to be saved.

There are hundreds of stories of Patients who are completely recovered from their diseases without spending a single penny and we will like to share few of those.

Before coming to the Thair Homeopathic Hospital I was really worried I used to look out my kids and wonder what would become of me,If the operation was successful then it will be fine otherwise I was confused.Though it didn’t seem that the operation will be successful if I died what will happen ? I was just so worried. We were worried about brain tumor we didn’t have any resources for its treatment but by the grace of Allah we came to know about Tahir homeopathic hospital and research institute in Rabwah where my treatment was successfully carried out and my tumor was cured

It appeared though he was nearing his end, we went to several doctors They all replied that nothing can be done with him.He suffered from epilepsy .He was injected to calm down his anxiety now by the grace of Allah in this hospital he has gained full recovery and is completely healthy.

It’s only Allah who is my helper I am alone in this world apart from my elderly mother She also suffers from the same diseases from which I suffered. who else helps the poor and needy today as this Hospital is doing ??
In the end, do not forget to help and donate to Tahir homeopathic hospital and research institute to treat the numerous patients who come for their cure including those suffering from cancer.