On Monday night, an Ahmadiyya mosque located in the village of Gemuh in the Kendal Regency of Central Java has been attacked and completely demolished by the attackers.However no casualties have been reported but a loss of $15000 has been estimated.
Missionary of Ahmadiyya Muslims Community Central Java, Asep Jamaluddin said the attackers demolished the Mosque walls, roof and burnt Qurans. Mosque construction had been delayed for 13 years due to the refusal of local residents but was restarted just a few months ago after the building permit was approved. As the construction continued some of the villagers who disapprove of Ahmadiyya beliefs started intimating the congregation members and construction workers, Some workers even resigned due to the intimidation.

It is the only Ahmadiyya mosque in the village of Gemuh where about 20 Ahmadi families reside said Asep. He went on to say “the Ahmadis are not foreigners to the area, they lived in Gemu before they joined the Ahmadiyya community, the families have very good contacts with the wider community