Ahmadiyya Mosque was attacked in Indonesia

On Monday night, an Ahmadiyya mosque located in the village of Gemuh in the Kendal Regency of Central Java has been attacked and completely demolished by the attackers.However no casualties have been reported but a loss of $15000 has been estimated.
Missionary of Ahmadiyya Muslims Community Central Java, Asep Jamaluddin said the attackers demolished the Mosque walls, roof and burnt Qurans. Mosque construction had been delayed for 13 years due to the refusal of local residents but was restarted just a few months ago after the building permit was approved. As the construction continued some of the villagers who disapprove of Ahmadiyya beliefs started intimating the congregation members and construction workers, Some workers even resigned due to the intimidation.

It is the only Ahmadiyya mosque in the village of Gemuh where about 20 Ahmadi families reside said Asep. He went on to say “the Ahmadis are not foreigners to the area, they lived in Gemu before they joined the Ahmadiyya community, the families have very good contacts with the wider community

First Ever Hockey League of Pakistan

Pakistan Hockey federation has finalized to organize the first ever Professional hockey league of Pakistan.
The country which has gained a lot of success in this Sport and dominated for a long time.The four-time world champions are nowadays having their worst time in at the world level.
After not been able to qualify for the world cup for the first time, Green shirts did not qualify for the upcoming Olympics.
Due to the following reasons.Poor conditions of security in the country, financial problems, poor infrastructure, hockey federation find it difficult to find new talent in the country.
After the successful first edition of Pakistan super league despite all these challenges Hockey federation also decides to organize a hockey league in which top players from all over the world will participate.PAF have announced to organize the league in the month of October-November to overcome the financial problems which our players are facing.
Because of security issues in the country the venue of League has not been finalized yet.The players draft system will be just like the Pakistan super league, the players will be divided into diamond category,Platinum category, gold, and silver category.
Every team will have 5 to 6 overseas players.To make the event successful emerging category will also be included in which boys will get $5000 each.

Brendon McCullum, Mitchell Johnson are likely to be part of 2017 PSL

Pakistan cricket board starts the preparation for the second edition of Pakistan super league.
According to the PSL officials, PCB has contacted the two superstars of cricket, Former captain of Newzealand “Brendon McCullum” and former Australian pacer “Mitchell Jhonson” were contacted and likely to be the part of Second edition of Pakistan Super League.Both of these players has been retired from international cricket but they are playing in cricket leagues all over the world.
After the successful first edition of PSl, with the collaboration of Franchises, the preparation of the second edition has been started.
According to the PSL officials, the franchises have the time between 5 may to 9 September if they want to retain the players or exchange it with other teams, They can also release a player in this given time.
According to the officials, Second Edition of PSL is likely to start on 9th of Feb in the UAE.
The prize money of PSL second edition is likely to increase in the 2017 edition, and there is also a chance of 5% increment in the players income.

Roads In India Starts Melting Due To Excessive Heatwave

INDIA: Due to Excessive Heatwave and temperature, Roads in India start melting.pedestrians find it difficult to even walk on those roads.
The extreme temperature was recorded in the recent past week in India.First, it was recorded in Dehli and now the roads of Silwasa were found that they don’t even resist the temperature of 46 degrees centigrade and charcoal starts melting, and the pedestrians find it difficult to even walk through those roads.
This shows us how cheap was the material used while constructing those roads.