Pakistan Meteorological department has warned that it will be an extremely hot in the upcoming week in Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan and plain areas of Sindh. On Wednesday in Larkana and Dadu the temperature crossed the half century mark.
Current weather has broken all the previous records of summer seasons.On Wednesday, Larkana was the hottest Area of the Country when the temperature rises up to 52 degrees Centigrade.
According to Meteorological department even in Kashmir, Baltistan and the mountainous areas of the country, the temperature will increase up to 4 to 5 degrees as compared to previous temperatures. In a result, it is expected that the glaciers will start melting down.
while on the other hand despite Extreme temperature, the Government once again fails to provide electricity to the People, most of the time there is load shedding of electricity.
Electricity Shortfall is increasing in is expected that the shortfall will increase up to 350 megawatts if the temperature continues to rise.