Pakistan Star all-rounder Shahid Afridi has Said that he will continue playing county and league cricket. He further added that the decision to play for Pakistan will also be announced in near future while he rejects the possibility of doing Cricket commentary or any kind of coaching.
Instead of making world records it is more pleasing and there is more satisfaction when you help a needy person said Afridi in a tv program.

Afridi said that in international cricket the main pressure is from public and the expectations are always high from you.He said that in an era of Great IMRAN KHAN, and legendary WASIM AKRAM there were 15,16 superstars whereas there are only 2,3 stars nowadays.
Afridi further discussed the cricket board that whatever they made a system, instead of changing it over and over they need to stick with it.
About the statement which he was given in the t20 world cup in India “I have received more love in India rather than in Pakistan”he said that “the statement was for Educated people”.