Rabwah: Truck crushed by the train at Chenab Nagar on Tuesday night at 8:30. A truck was crossing unmanned railway gate of Dar ul Nasar Chenab Nagar when Sargodha express 49 up came by and collided with the body of the truck. As a result, truck split into two parts. The driver seat got smashed and 3 persons sitting on the front seat got severe injuries and were taken to the hospitals where they are in critical situation. The driver of the Sargodha express was also injured and was taken to the hospital.

It is pertinent to mention here that this unmanned gate has taken many precious lives of the citizen in the last decade. Almost every year, a fatal accident takes place. Railway authorities are many times approached to build a proper gate but with no avail. Once again, high ups of railway are requested to please build a manned gate to avoid these accidents.