LAHORE: Shahbaz Taseer, son Of Former Punjab Governer, has revealed the story of how he was caught,where he was kept and how he stayed there for more than four years.
He revealed that he was kidnapped by the “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)”.He said that he was with “IMU” until the despite between Afghan Taliban and IMU. He said that after the death of “Mulla Umar” IMU was interested in allying with (ISIS) but Afghan Taliban refused to do so.In the result, the two group fought and Afghan Taliban Killed their whole group including Leadership. The Only thing lived there for 3 days was DEATH said Taseer.
He said that After that, Afghan Taliban Caught him and they think that I am also an Uzbek. and a jury sent me to Afghan jail, from there I was able to run from there.

He revealed that they “IMU”used to torture me very badly.He said that they used to Flog me, They cut my back with the razer, they removed my nails from hands and feets.But He claimed that he started thinking that he is in the protection of God and no one can enter into this protection shell, and no one can harm me.

LAHORE NIHARI: The first thing I was asked to eat, I said please bring of NIHARI from Lahore if possible otherwise, I am ready to eat your Balochi Nihari.