Pakistan has condemned the judicial killing of Ameer Jamat E Islami Bangladesh

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Government  has shown the great concerns and has condemned the hanging of Ameer Jamat Islami Bangladesh by the Government of Bangladesh. Remember that Bangladesh government has hanged the Ameer Jamat E Islami for treason charges. Bangladesh Government has been hanging many other leaders of Jamat E Islami and there is a strong reaction in Pakistan over the extra-judicial killing. Pakistan Wednesday said it was deeply saddened over the hanging of Ameer Jamat e Islami Bangladesh Moti ur Rehman Nizami for the alleged crimes committed before December 1971 and termed it against the spirit of democracy.
The Foreign Office said the execution was also unfortunate for the people of Bangladesh who had elected Nizami as their representative in the Parliament.
Pakistan offers condolences to the bereaved family members and the followers of Nizami, Foreign Office said.