Investigation through Judicial Commission may be delayed: Imran

Chairman of PTI Imran Khan continues mounting pressure o0n PM Nawaz Sharif over corruption charges. Imran Khan spoke to a meeting in Peshawar as he returned from Saudi Arabia.Imran Khan not only condemned the corruption but also criticized strongly to Fazal Ur Rehman and Akram Durrani.

He did not spare the JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman, who often labels him a ‘Jewish agent’, and said that “Jews do not need agents when people like Fazlur Rehman are there to damage the country”.

“Even if a Jew becomes the prime minister of Pakistan, Fazlur Rehman would not only accept a ministry from him but will also issue a religious decree allowing him to lead an Islamic country,” said the PTI chief.

He accused the prime minister of downplaying the issue through visits across the country and doing useless speeches instead of replying to the allegations in parliament and presenting himself for accountability.

“How can the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) bring other corrupt leaders to book when the man leading the country is corrupt himself,” said Imran.