Parvez Rashid criticizes US over F16 deal

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said the arrogance and behavior of United States Senate Committee concerning the sale of F-16 fighter planes are “not appropriate” and it is making more tension between the relations of two countries

US Government should understand that Pakistan is fighting their conflict against extremism to safeguard peace in the world, he said on Friday during a programme aired on Radio Pakistan.

Rashid said the United States agreed to give subsidy on the purchase of F-16s, but it has backed out of the agreement because of Congress’ pressure.

“Pakistan is sacrificing lives of its citizens and suffering economic losses for the global peace.”

“We already have developed JF-17 Thunder with the support of China and these are reliable and affordable jets which are becoming the backbone of our air force.”

However, our pilots are very capable and talented to function all kinds of fighter jets.

“US Congress is under the strong influence of Indian lobby. Therefore, we should not depend on the United States.”