Pakistan beats India to become the Champion of Asia Kabbadi Cup 2016

Pakistan beats India to become the Champion of Asia Kabbadi Cup 2016

Pakistan has beaten arch-rival India in the final of the Asia Kabaddi cup 2016 and has become the champion once again. Pakistan also won the title in 2012. Asia cup was hosted by Pakistan and India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan participated in the event. Pakistan beat India with a point score of 50-31. The hosts remained undefeated in the five-day competition, which also featured teams from India, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Six teams took place in the tournament and Pakistan remained unbeaten throughout the competition whereas India won 5 matches. Iran took the third position.

Pakistan’s stopper Sajjad Gujjar made the sealed the victory hindering the Indian raider to get the 50th point of the match.

India also won five out of their six matches.


Security resources have issued the security threats for all the schools and colleges of Rabwah

Security resources have issued the security threats for all the schools and colleges of Rabwah

Security forces have named all the Exam centers of Rabwah most sensitive and security threat during Inter Exams. According to the details, Exams of Intermediate are starting from 7th May and district government and police have named five exam centers most sensitive in terms of security. Government T.I High School Rabwah, T.I College, Nusrat Girls High School and Jamia Nusrat have been called the most sensitive and threated exams centers and have ordered police to make sure the security of these centers. According to the Gulam Muhammad, the E.D.O Chiniot police will be deployed to these centers and the police mobiles will keep patrolling the school areas.


Rabwah; Newly married man from Faisalabad dead while taking selfie at Chanab Bridge

Newly married man from Faisalabad dead while taking selfie at Chanab Bridge

Rabwah; A boy from Faisalabad found dead during taking a selfie on old bridge of Chenab river. According to the details, Imran from Daglis Pura Faisalabad got married two months ago and had come on Chenab River Rabwah on pick nick. As he was taking a photograph with his wife on the old bridge of Chenab he slipped and fell into the river. He was hit by the iron rod and found dead on the spot. Rescue teams rescued him and took him to the hospital but he could not survive.


Turkish President warns European Union

Turkish President warns European Union

ISTANBUL: Turkish President Tayyip ErdoÄŸan smashed out at the European Union on Friday, criticizing it for telling Ankara to change its horror laws to meet a visa deal, even as Turkey was at risk from attacks.

“We will go our way, you go yours,” Erdogan said in a speech broadcast live on television, comments likely to inflame concern that a planned visa liberalization deal with Europe could fall through.

He said Ankara will not change its anti-terrorism law, despite it being a condition laid down by the European Union to ensure visa-free travel for Turks.

Remember that Turkey and the European Union reached an agreement last month. According to the agreement Turkey will stop the flow of illegal migrants towards Europe and Europe will provide the visa-free travel opportunity to the people of Turkey.


Parvez Rashid criticizes US over F16 deal

Parvez Rashid criticizes US over F16 deal

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said the arrogance and behavior of United States Senate Committee concerning the sale of F-16 fighter planes are “not appropriate” and it is making more tension between the relations of two countries

US Government should understand that Pakistan is fighting their conflict against extremism to safeguard peace in the world, he said on Friday during a programme aired on Radio Pakistan.

Rashid said the United States agreed to give subsidy on the purchase of F-16s, but it has backed out of the agreement because of Congress’ pressure.

“Pakistan is sacrificing lives of its citizens and suffering economic losses for the global peace.”

“We already have developed JF-17 Thunder with the support of China and these are reliable and affordable jets which are becoming the backbone of our air force.”

However, our pilots are very capable and talented to function all kinds of fighter jets.

“US Congress is under the strong influence of Indian lobby. Therefore, we should not depend on the United States.”


Investigation through Judicial Commission may be delayed: Imran

Protesting peacefully is a part of democracy, not terrorism: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, in a direct reply to the premier’s remarks earlier in the day, said protesting in a peaceful manner is a part of democracy and not terrorism.

“The prime minister was asked a simple question regarding the acquisition of apartments worth billions in London,” said Imran.

The PTI chief also asked the prime minister to follow the example of other democratic leaders, and their actions following the Panama Papers revelations.

“Does this mean that as a prime minister you can commit any crime, but if we question your conduct then democracy is threatened,” questioned Imran.

Imran reminded the premier that it is the opposition’s responsibility in a democracy to be answerable to the people and the opposition.

The PTI chief elaborated that the government needs to be answerable, and not blackmail others who also have offshore companies.

He added that the movement started by the opposition will not end, no matter how hard Nawaz tries.

“The premier has also divided the country, on one side are corrupt and on the other side are the people of Pakistan who want accountability for their money.”