Committee should investigate persecution of women at PTI gatherings, says Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Wednesday suggested the formation of a committee to probe the alleged harassment of women at recent Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) gatherings.

“The opposition, including the PTI, should form a committee. We will make a committee too and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will be taken on board to identify those involved,” Nisar said.

“The photographs of the people involved should be shared by the media and the police,” he said, adding that NADRA would use the photos to identify the suspects and that the victims could be made witnesses.

“The media and opposition party’s committee can decide if they are PTI workers, PML-N men or members of another political party,” the interior minister said. “They will be severely punished.”

The interior minister went on to question why such incidents occur ‘only in PTI gatherings’. “Do you hear of this happening in PPP, PML-N, JUI-F or ANP rallies?”

“It isn’t right to put the blame on others instead of looking within your own ranks,” he said.

“I don’t trust the Punjab police” after women were harassed at PTI gatherings, he said, adding that plans to attack the women were a conspiracy to restrict their participation in politics. Khan implied his party is afraid the same will happen in Faisalabad.

“The target of opposition groups is not corruption, the target is one individual who they are trying to remove,” he said. “They are trying to achieve their political ends through protests, rallies and press conferences,” he claimed.

“Let the truth come before the people,” he said, addressing opposition leaders. “Don’t confuse them.”

“If you have a case, then bring it forward and let us present our case too. Why is there a delay? What are your reservations?” he asked.

“There will only be progress after the Terms of Reference (ToRs) come forth. Only an agreed-upon list of ToRs can be presented in the Supreme Court,” he said.