IAAAE (International Association of Ahmadi Architect and Engineers) organized a convention in Tahir heart institute Rabwah

Convention IAAAE is an international organization catering to the social and professional development needs of Ahmadi Muslim engineers, architects and technologists.

IAAAE often organizes the conventions and seminars in order to provide the latest information and to keep updated the experts of the technological field about the developments around the world in the field of information & technology, and engineering.

IAAAE organized a gathering of All Pakistan Ahmadi Architects, engineers and technologists on 23rd and 24th April 2016 in Tahir Heart Institute Rabwah. A large number of the professionals and expert intellectuals of the technological fields participated in the meeting and shared the latest information and progress of the modern trends and expertise in the field of technology.

Skylite Networks not only always actively participate in all the conventions of IAAAE but also provide all the necessary equipment and cooperation with organizers including worldwide live coverage for those professionals who are unable to reach the event themselves.

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In the end of the mega event, an honorary shield and certificate were presented to Skylite Networks and organizers of the IAAAE admired the efforts and collaboration of Skylite Networks which made the occasion successful.