ISLAMABAD: Chairman of PTI Imran Khan is holding his stance on the corruption of Nawaz family stronger day by day and mounting pressure on Nawaz Sharif by saying that Sharif brothers are now blackmailing and using power to press the issue of corruption.

In a series of tweets here Wednesday, Imran Khan said, “Instead of clarifying their position and contradictions in offshore accounts and properties, Sharif brothers are using government machinery to blackmail political opponents.”

Khan said, “PML-N is in the government and if they have evidence of wrongdoing against anyone they should probe and prosecute but not to blackmail opponents.”

He alleged that when their (Sharif brothers) wrongdoings are exposed, they target political opponents through innuendos and blackmail.

“Jahangir Khan Tareen has given documentary proof of no loan write-offs and will be seeking legal action against those hurling false accusations against him,” PTI chief said.

Imran Khan went on to say that to divert attention from Panama Leaks, Sharif government has launched a massive media campaign on “development” at the expense of taxpayers.

“Sharifs development is always at taxpayer expense and more on media, especially TV ads, than on the ground,” he said in the tweet, adding that “Whenever Sharifs come to power the only development that takes place is in their bank accounts/businesses and the nation’s human development plummets.”