Indirect taxes are opposing to Islamic teachings;Maulana Sherani

Indirect taxes are opposing to Islamic teachings;Maulana Sherani

ISLAMABAD:The Chairman of  Islamic council Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani has said that indirect taxes are contrary to the teachings of Islam and prohibited in Sharia.

“Taxes can be imposed only on income,” Sherani said while speaking a press meeting at the end of a two-day conference on Islamic system of economy.

The CII chairman maintained that tariff cannot be collected from the end customers on the buying of goods in its place it should be composed of the capitalist and traders.

“The end consumer is the ultimate sufferer of indirect taxes,” Sherani said adding that tax must be collected from industrialist and traders on the sale of a product as they are the beneficiary who are earning from it.

Maulana Sherani held that all the indirect taxes are prohibited in Islam.

“The paper currency is only based on the power of the state has and no standing in the shape of a solid material,” he said.


CM Sindh Sayyad Qaim Ali Shah criticizes Shahbaz for focusing roads

CM Sindh Sayyad Qaim Ali Shah criticizes Shahbaz for focusing roads

CM of Sindh Sayyad Qaim Ali Shah has strongly criticized the CM of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif for spending all the resources and focus on the roads and constructional projects despite spending more money on health and education. He pointed towards the billions of rupees which were spent on Metro and orange train and hospitals and schools are in worst condition.

Speaking at a dinner hosted for him by the Red Crescent Society (RCS) at Gymkhana Club here late on Monday evening, Mr. Shah said he fully realised the importance of a perfect transport system but nothing was more important than life health and livelihood.

“How can people enjoy easy and comfortable journey when they or their family members are starving or unwell?” he argued and said that the Sindh government accorded suitable priorities to the education and health sectors.

“We have established 10 public universities and four district hospitals equipped with modern technology and facilities,” he said.

The chief minister was critical of the federal government over the fate of the Pakistan Steel Mill, saying that one of the most valuable gifts to the people of Sindh from PPP founder chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was now in shambles. “Workers of the mill have not been getting their salaries for months while its machinery was being taken away or left to rot,” he observed.

CM Shaw also reacted towards the Panama leaks and the decision of the judicial commission. “The judiciary can give its verdict based on the findings of the commission whatever the terms of the reference state,” he said.

“What we want is justice, the supremacy of Constitution and law, stability and solidarity of the country. Democracy should not be derailed or crippled at any cost,” said Mr. Shah.


If democracy derails Sharif Brothers will be responsible says Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of PTI Imran Khan is holding his stance on the corruption of Nawaz family stronger day by day and mounting pressure on Nawaz Sharif by saying that Sharif brothers are now blackmailing and using power to press the issue of corruption.

In a series of tweets here Wednesday, Imran Khan said, “Instead of clarifying their position and contradictions in offshore accounts and properties, Sharif brothers are using government machinery to blackmail political opponents.”

Khan said, “PML-N is in the government and if they have evidence of wrongdoing against anyone they should probe and prosecute but not to blackmail opponents.”

He alleged that when their (Sharif brothers) wrongdoings are exposed, they target political opponents through innuendos and blackmail.

“Jahangir Khan Tareen has given documentary proof of no loan write-offs and will be seeking legal action against those hurling false accusations against him,” PTI chief said.

Imran Khan went on to say that to divert attention from Panama Leaks, Sharif government has launched a massive media campaign on “development” at the expense of taxpayers.

“Sharifs development is always at taxpayer expense and more on media, especially TV ads, than on the ground,” he said in the tweet, adding that “Whenever Sharifs come to power the only development that takes place is in their bank accounts/businesses and the nation’s human development plummets.”


PTI to take legal action against Parvez Rashid for insulting Imran Khan

PTI to take legal action against Parvez Rashid for insulting Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to take legal action against Information minister Parvez Rashid for damaging the status and name of Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

PTI Leader Naeemul Haq has delivered a legal notice to Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid over what he called a hateful campaign funded by public money against his party.

\ “These actions are tantamount to misuse of authority and misappropriation of public money,” he said while addressing a news meeting in Islamabad.

The warning also asked the information minister to reveal the bases of funds utilized to run the advertisement.

The information minister is referring to was taken aback by the State Bank with an apology in 2013,” he added.

Talking about the ToRs, Naeem said almost every parliamentary party has rejected them which have no input of the opposition. “If the government refuses to budge, as was announced by law minister then they would have to suffer.”


Chiniot; Singer Nadim Abbas the son of Famous singer Allah Ditta Lonewala got married

Nadim Abbas the famous singer and also the son of a singer Allah Ditta Loney Wala got married. The celebration of his marriage took place on the roads of Chiniot. His Barat was took on horses and a special Limousine. He and his Father took a voyage on the roads of Chiniot riding horses.


Chiniot; Sub Inspector escaped from courts as he was announced life sentence

Chiniot; Sub Inspector escaped from courts as he was announced life sentence


A Sub Inspector of police ran away from the Chiniot District courts as he was announced the life sentence in a murder case whereas his partner was released as there was no prove against him. According to the details sub inspector police Jafar Ali who killed a poet Anwar Ali during investigation was sentenced to life prison and 2 lakh fine by the judge. As soon he heard the sentence he ran away from the courts. Police is searching for the criminal.