Pakistan can’t set the table talk with Taliban alone; Foreign office

Pakistan can’t set the table talk with Taliban alone; Foreign office

Foreign office of Pakistan has given the official response to the allegation of Afghan president Ashraf Ghani saying that Pakistan is not making serious efforts to stop the terrorism in Afghanistan.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said Pakistan condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestation and was committed to fighting this menace.

“Pakistan itself is the biggest victim of terrorism in which thousands of its   security personnel have sacrificed their lives,” he said.Zakaria said Pakistan was making serious efforts for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. He said Pakistan hosted the first round of direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban; however, it alone was not responsible for bringing the Taliban back to the negotiating table.

He said the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) was constituted to achieve the objective of peace and stability in Afghanistan, as peace in the neighbouring country was in the interest of Pakistan.

Earlier on Monday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani asked Pakistan to battle the Taliban instead of trying to bring them to the peace talks.“I want to make it clear that we no longer expect Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table,” Ghani said while addressing both houses of the Afghan parliament.


India says that Pakistan cannot reject the facts that its soil has been using for terrorism

India says that Pakistan cannot reject the facts that its soil has been using for terrorism

India on Tuesday informed Pakistan it “cannot be in denial” on the influence of terrorism on the two-sided relations between the two countries.

“Terrorist groups based in Pakistan targeting India must not be allowed to operate with impunity,” Indian Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar told his Pakistani counterpart, Aizaz Chaudhary.

The top diplomats of both the countries met for talks in New Delhi after a hiatus of several months following a militant attack on an Indian air base.

“All outstanding issues, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute came under discussion,” according to the Foreign Office.

The foreign secretary highlighted that Kashmir remains the essential issue that needs just resolution under United Nations Security Council resolutions and desires of the Kashmiri people.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar stressed the need for early and visible progress on Pathankot assault probe as well as Mumbai attack trial in Pakistan, a press release issued by India’s ministry of external affairs said.

The Indian ambassador also asked for a consular access to Kulbhushan Yadav, an Indian detective in the custody of law enforcement agencies in Pakistan.

The two foreign secretaries also exchanged ideas on taking the relationship forward and agreed to remain in touch.

“The meeting between Pakistan and Indian foreign secretaries provided a useful opportunity to exchange views on recent developments in bilateral context,” the Indian media quoted Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit as saying. Basit also attended the meeting.


Jamat E Ahmadiyya releases its annual prosecution report

Jamat E Ahmadiyya releases its annual prosecution report

Jamat E Ahmadiyya Pakistan has released its annual report for the year of 2015.

According to the spokesman of Jamat E Ahmadiyya Saleem Ul Din has said that the Year 2015 proved to be another harsh year for Pakistan’s Ahmadiyya community.

So far 248 members have been killed because of their faith; 323 have been the victim of attempted murder; 27 worship places have been demolished; 32 have been sealed by the authorities and 16 illegally appropriated; 39 graves have been desecrated and the bodies of 65 have been refused burial in joint cemeteries. As a result, Ahmadis face insecurity in both life and death, the report concluded.

The report, which highlights the persecution of Ahmadis, said there was a noteworthy increase in hate propaganda against the community. “The government agencies responsible for implementing the laws are being manipulated by opponents of the community,” spokesperson of Jamat-e-Ahmadia Saleemudin said. “Instead of upholding the law, they continue to cave into the demands of extremists.”

The spokesperson further said ‘factory belonging to an Ahmadi was set ablaze last year on November 20 in Jehlum after a false accusation of blasphemy. “The homes of factory workers were also burned to the ground with the residents surviving the attack. The day after this incident a nearby place of worship of the community was attacked and desecrated in the presence of law enforcement authorities.”

“On the recommendation of the Punjab Mutahiddah Ulema Board, the Punjab government has banned various Ahmadi publications for so-called hate speech, without being able to provide evidence of where this inflammatory material appears. There is absolutely no truth to this claim,” he said.

“The very motto of our community is love for all, hatred for none,” Saleemudin said, claiming as of right now, even Ahmadis are being prevented from accessing their own religious books which go against article 20 of the Constitution.

The community’s spokesperson further said Ahmadis were discriminated against in local body elections on account of their faith after being included in a separate voters list. “The community made attempts to make clear their stance on the issue but all newspapers refused to publish a statement on their behalf,” he upheld.


Interior Ministry have asked the details of all the religious institutions

Interior Ministry have asked the details of all the religious institutions

Chiniot; the minister of interior has required the brief report about the religious academic institutions from all the districts. Interior minister has given the orders to all the district administrations to send the brief reports about all the religious academic institutions of the district. Also the record of students teachers and other details. All the data is being collected to make sure that all the institutions must be under observation of Government.



Fazal E Umar soccer League; The match between Masroor and Tahir soccer club finished in a 0-0 draw


The third match of Fazal E Umar soccer league was played between Team Masroor and Tahir Soccer Club. The match was ended in a draw after an interesting full-time play. Shakeel the captain opened the scoring in the 25th minute of the match. Hamayu equalized the scoreline in the second half. Both teams tried to score the winning goal but the match was ended in a draw. Muzaffar Atique was shown the yellow card for going off the field.