The Operation against the Gulam Rasool head of “Chotu Gang” did not last for more than 2 days.

The operation “Zarb-i-Ahan” against Chotu Gang was started a week earlier by Punjab police but unfortunately, 7 Policemen were killed including acting S.H.O and 24 were taken, hostage.Then Pakistan Army came into the action and launched a forceful operation against Chotu gang.
Pak Army blocked the enter and exit points of the disputed area, Chotu Gang also tried to run from one of these exit points but Pak Army didn’t allow them to escape.

The armed felons abandoned their posts and ran into the jungle during the operation. Meanwhile, their hideouts were also destroyed by the Pak army.Later on, forces also recovered 24 policemen safely.
It is also noted that the weapons which are used by them are Indian made and Chotu has also links with anti-state elements like BLA, Chotu has also survived 7 operations before laying down their weapons in current operation.