Classical hat rick against Wolfsburg; Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the secret

Cristiano Ronaldo

World, top football player and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored a hat-trick on Tuesday to push his Spanish La Liga club into the semifinal of the Champions League, revealed the trick behind his third goal from a free-kick.

Before he settled himself for the free-kick at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid keeper Keylor Navas ran up to Ronaldo in order to give him some advice.

The Portuguese national said Navas told him to slow down his run up for the free-kick and put less power in the kick.

“We train together,” said Ronaldo. “And he’ll kill me for telling you, but he said that I should take it slowly, not run at full pelt because he knew I’d score.”

Earlier, after the 3-0 rout, Ronaldo said he was expecting some magic against Wolfsburg.

“It had to be a magic night and it was. It was the perfect game in the end,” said Ronaldo.  “We had to be patient for an hour, but it was the perfect night in the end.”

Ronaldo has now struck 46 goals in all competitions this season, meaning he has 45 or more in each of his last six seasons for Madrid.

“Goals are in my DNA and I want to keep scoring them for the team,” he added.

“Considering this has been a bad season for me it has not been that bad. People can criticise me, but I just keep on going and the numbers are there for all to see. I am very happy and with a month left of the season I can get even better,” he said.