RAW is trying to destroy the peace in Pakistan says Army Chief
RAW is trying to destroy the peace in Pakistan says Army Chief

Army Chief

Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif has said that Indian ajency RAW is directly involve in destroying peace and de establishing Pakistan. He gave this statement in his speech to the seminar of peace and prosperity held in Guader.

“Hostile intelligence agencies are averse to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” said the chief of army staff.

Let me make it clear that we will not allow anyone to create impediments and turbulence in any part of Pakistan’’, added General Raheel Sharif.

He insisted those intricate in such actions to leave the approach of clash and focus on cooperation instead.

“It (CPEC) will bind all these nations together and bring about an economic transformation through enhanced connectivity,” said Raheel Sharif. “I take pride in mentioning the strong resolve and sacrifices offered by the people, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and our gallant armed forces.”

“Operation Zarb-i-Azb is not just an operation, but a wholesome concept. It ultimately aims at breaking the syndicate of terrorism, extremism and corruption,” emphasised the chief of army staff.

On the occasion he also urged to international community to not only acknowledge Pakistan’s successes and sacrifices, but also come forward in blocking external help to terrorist organisations and their facilitators, abettors and financiers. “We look forward to the emergence of modern infrastructure, special economic zones, health facilities and universities which will bring enduring benefits for our people.”

He also emphasised on the sustainability of the project, which would only come with good management and transparency.

“It is pertinent to mention that, though Gwadar is central to the broader conception of CPEC, the corridor itself ranges from Western China to the plains and coasts of Pakistan and promises to bring prosperity to the remotest areas of Pakistan from Gilgit-Baltistan to Balochistan.” said General Raheel.