Greece has deported 45 more Pakistanis to Turkey
Greece has deported 45 more Pakistanis to Turkey


Europe has started to implement on the plan which was agreed by the Turkey and European Union in order to stop the illegal migrants from Turkey trying to reach Europe.

Yesterday Greece deported about 50 Pakistani migrants trying to reach the Greece shores illegally.

Remember that European union and Turkey reached to an agreement a few weeks ago by which Greece will deport all the migrants to the turkey and after that he will take one refugee instead of one deported refugee from Syria.


A ship carrying 45 Pakistani refugees returned to Turkey from the Greek island of Lesbos on Friday.

Almost 250 people have been sent back from the Greek islands under the new accord.

All Pakistanis on board were men, a Turkish official said.

A first group of 202 refugees, most from Pakistan and Afghanistan, were deported to Turkey on Monday.

Meanwhile Turkish administration is also planning to send back all the Pakistanis and Afghan refugees back to their lands saying that they can be used for terrorist activities and are threat for Turkish security.