Panama scandal; PM Nawaz orders judicial commotion in his address to nation
Panama scandal; PM Nawaz orders judicial commotion in his address to nation

Panama scandal;

Nawaz Sharif addressed to the nation and clarifies himself after the huge criticism and charges of corruption by the opposition and public in Panama Scandal. Prime Minister said that he has offered himself before the nation first time in the history and he has never done this before.

“I hereby announce to form a judicial commission which will be led by a former judge of the Supreme Court,” the premier said while addressing the nation on Tuesday evening.

“This commission will weigh the allegations being leveled and will give its verdict after due investigation.”

This announcement and address was made after the leakage of about 11 million documents in which a number of politicians and rich people were alleged to involve in the corruption and saving money from tax.

“I want the nation to decide for themselves the reality behind these allegations which are being leveled for the last 25 years.”

‘Panama leaks have made no allegations of wrongdoing against Sharif family’

The premier said he would ask those leveling allegations against his family to go before this commission and record their statements.

“Both of my sons have been working under the legal ambit and rules and regulations of the aforementioned countries.”

“Despite facing difficult times and the fall of Ittefaq Foundaries, my family returned every bit of the outstanding dues against the loans acquired, which amount to nearly six billion rupees,” he said.


We even paid off those dues, PM Nawaz said, which we hadn’t owed, and never related to business with politics. “I ask those levelling worn-out and baseless allegations to go before this judicial commission and prove their claims.”