Second season of Fazal E Umar soccer League Rabwah

Fazal E Umar Block vise football tournament

Fazal E Umar football tournament is continued and have entered into quarter finals stage in which 8 of the teams will lock horn against each other to win the title. After a long time three teams from Yaman have booked their place in the quarter finals of the competition. Jamai hostals and Yaman A has already reached the semifinal of the tournament after beating Nasir Block Dar ul fazal in 1st and 2nd quarter finals.

3rd quarter final will be played between Yaman Sharqi and 4th quarter Final will be played between Rehmat Block and Sadar b block.

Opening ceremony of Fazal E Umar Soccer league will be held tomorrow

Yaman A and Jamia Hostals reaches in the semifinals of Fazal E Umar Football tournament

Team Yaman Block A and Jamai hostels have reached into the semifinals of the Fazal E Umar football tournament after winning their quarterfinal matches

Yaman A beat Fazal Block with the scorline of 1-0.It was 0-0 till the first half of the match. Adeel scored the only goal of the match in the second half on penalty shot. Team Fazal tried their best to equalize the score line but could not do so. Mehmood from Yaman was sent off in the second halfas he was shown the red card from referee.

In the first quarter final Jamia beat Nasir block 2-0 and reached into the semifinals of the compaction.


Masroor hard ball cricket championship super 4 stages

Masroor hard ball cricket championship super 4 stages

Masroor Hard Ball cricket Championship has entered into the super 4 stages in which 4 teams will fight to book their place in the final of the tournament.

Aloom Block will take on Tahir Block in the Super 4 stage on Thursday. Yaman Block will take on from the winer of Nasir and Sadar match on Saturday. Aloom Block will take on Sadar on Sunday whereas Yaman B will take on Tahir on Sunday.

Jamat Ul Ahrar accepts the responsibility of Lahore blast

Jamat Ul Ahrar which is a group of Tehrek E Taliban Pakistan has claimed the responsibility of Lahore suicide attack in Gulshan E Iqbal Park Lahore. In a statement the spokesman of Jamat Ul Ahrar said that they have entered in Punjab and they will target more affectedly in Lahore. Jamat Ul Ahrar also said that the target of this attack was Christian community. Remember that a large number of Christian communities were gathering in the park on the event of Easter. More than 72 people killed in  the blast and hundreds of injured.

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar said it had targeted Christians celebrating Easter, though police have said they are still examining the claim.

There were scenes of carnage as parents searched for children amid the debris.

Pakistan’s president condemned the attack, and the regional government has announced three days of mourning.sza

ISPR has publicized the video of Indian spy; confesses terrorist activities

ISPR has publicized the video of Indian spy; confesses terrorist activities

ISPR department of Pakistan Army have released the video of Indian spy who is confessing to work in Pakistan to destroy law in order in Karachi and Baluchistan.

Days after an Indian ‘spy’ was arrested in Baluchistan, the military and government released a six-minute video of the Indian marine officer confessing to RAW’s connection in the country, especially Balochistan.

In a joint press session with Information Minister Pervez Rashid held on Tuesday, military spokesperson Gen Asim Bajwa said Kulbhushan Yadav is a serving Indian naval officer whose primary mission was to foment terrorism in Karachi and Balochistan.

“He converted to Islam and worked at Gadani under the cover of a scrap dealer,” said Gen Bajwa, terming his detention a ‘big achievement’.

“Pakistan and Balochistan’s maps were recovered from Yadav’s possession. He used to establish a network of operatives, provide funds, arrange and smuggle people for terrorism in the country,” Bajwa claimed. The DG ISPR added the Indian spy, who worked under the name Hussain Mubarak Patel, was tasked with carrying out bomb blasts, interrupt the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, plan attacks in Karachi and work against efforts of Balochistan compromise.

“Yadav also had a link in the assassination of former SSP CID Chaudhry Aslam, said Bajwa,” adding the Indian agent, apprehended in the first week of March, will be prosecuted under the law of the land.

However Bajwa further said that Pakistan has transferred the needed information to the Indian embassy. In the video yadav said that he has been working in Pakistan against Pakistan and he has managed a number of terrorist activities. He also confessed that he has been providing the emanation and funds to the rebel groups of Baluchistan. He also said that he has received the protocol as an officer and he is admitting all the facts without any torture or pressure.




Government to clear D chowk today says Nisar

Government to clear D chowk today says Nisar

Government has announced to clear D Chowk from the religious parties who are protesting against the hanging of Mumtaz Qadri.

Interior Minister Chuhdary Nisar Ali Khan addressed to a press conference late night and said that Government will not allow people to take over capital city Islamabad. Earlier it was said that late night security forces will clear all the area from protesters. Nisar also cautioned that government will register the case against the people who damaged the public property and they will face the law for illegal act.

Nisar Ali Khan has said that the D-Chowk in Islamabad, currently engaged by pro-Mumtaz Qadri protesters, will be cleared tomorrow in daylight hours.

Adressing to a press conference on Tuesday night, Nisar condemned the occupiers saying that it was not a protest, but a gathering is being held outside the Parliament. He said that some ‘seniors’ have come from Karachi and if things didn’t settle down, then the D-Chowk will be cleared within an hour tomorrow.

The minister said that the government did not want to take action in the dark of night, however, tomorrow the D-Chowk will finally be vacated.

“Punjab government was satisfied that the masses will gather to attend the chehlum of Mumtaz Qadri and will disperse peacefully after prayers,” he noted. “The government allowed them to hold gathering on this very assurance.”

“But, a few elements did not keep their word and tried to play politics on the pretext of chehlum,” he added.

He also claimed to have admonished the administration for letting the masses ‘humiliate the writ of the government’.

Remember the Government gave the two hour ultimatum to clear the D chowk but then decided to give more time for negotiations.