Fazal E Umar Block vise football tournament

Fazal E Umar football tournament is continued and almost half of the matches have been played. On the points table of group A Aloom B is on top with 7 points and goal average of +5 whereas Yaman B is on second spot with the same 7 points but goal average of +2. Rehmat B and Aloom C are third and 4th teams in the group with the points of 3 and 0 respectively.

In group B Yaman A is standing at top with the 9 points remaining unbeaten so far whereas Nasir block is on second position with 6 points. Rehmat B and Aloom C are standing on third and 4th spot on the points table.

In group C team Jamai and Fatoh block are at top with 5 pionts each whereas Fazal and Rehmat C are the bottom 2 teams of group C.

In the group D Yaman A and Rehmat A are top 2 teams in the group. On the other and Sadar A and Nasar Block is on third and 4th on the points table