Man sentenced to 13 year jail over Facebook post

LAHORE: A young man from Pakistan has been sentenced to jail for 13 years and 2, 50,000 fines for charges of posting a controversial and hate spreading post. 25 years old Rizwan Haider denied the charges in the anti-terrorism court however. Haider uploaded a post about the Holy Prophet PBUH and according to the court it comes in the circle of hate speech. Meanwhile secular and social organizations have condemned the decision of the court saying that this sentence is against the basic human rights.


. “This case… was registered against Haider, in January for posting objectionable material,” Adeel Chattah, public prosecuting attorney in the case, said. He was also fined Rs 250,000, Chattah said, adding he rejected the allegations and has the right to enter a petition. His lawyer dismissed the accusations. “He only liked it and did not post it on the page,” Shameem Zaidi said.