All Rabwah Football Tournament; Yaman Block Beats Rehmat Block

All Rabwah Football Tournament; Yaman Block Beats Rehmat Block

All Rabwah Block vise football tournament; Dar Ul Yaman Block has beaten Rehmat block with the score line of 1-0. Both teams displayed a very good defensive football and it was nil nil until the end of first half of the match. In the second half Zohaib from Yaman broke the dead lock and scored the only goal of the match which proved to be the winner for team Yaman. Rehmat Block tried their best to equalize the score line but defense of Yaman proved to be rock solid to stop the strikers of opponents and Rehmat finished as a losing side.

Remember that 16 teams are taking part in the tournament and all the teams have been divided into 4 groups with four teams in each group. Two teams from each group will go through the quarter finals of the competition.



Salman But is likely to be part of Pakistani t20 world cup squad

Salman But is likely to be part of Pakistani t20 world cup squad

After a disappointed and poor performance in the Asia Cup T20 PCB and selection committee is considering to make big changes in the batting line up of the Pakistani cricket team for the t20 world cup starting from March 11. According to the resources selection committee has decided to drop khuram Manzoor and Sharjeel Ahmad from the squad after continues failure in the Asia Cup.

Selection committee is also looking to make the decision of taking the Salman But and Ahmad Shahzad in the t20 squad for the World Cup of T20 starting from the 11 March.


According to media reports, officials of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will decide the matter in the meeting heading soon.

Salman Butt and Ahmed Shahzad will possibly open the batting for the Pakistan.

Earlier, Chairman PCB Sheharyar Khan has pointed that PCB is thinking over making decision of Twenty20 captain Shahid Khan Afridi.

While talking to media on Thursday, PCB Chairman Shahryar Khan said

“I’m going to consult with Younis Khan & Misbah whether Afridi needs to be removed now as captain or at a later stage” .

However, during the same briefing, some 10 minutes later, PCB chief had altered his words and said “Shahid Afridi will remain captain for the World T20 unless he himself declines to lead the team.”

Mr Khan also hinted that he has some kind of commitment with Afridi on captaincy issue by saying “Shahid Afridi is Pathan and I am also Pathan and we know that a Pathan’s word is their bond.”


Care taker chopped the head of child saying it was God order

 Care taker women who chopped off the head of a child, she was serving saying that she was ordered from God to commit the murder.

According to the details a suspected care taker woman from Moscow cut the head of a child. After killing the child she took the head of the child to the outside a Moscow metro station on Wednesday that Allah had ordered her to commit the crime.

Police on Monday fought to the ground Gulchekhra Bobokulova, a 38-year-old divorced mother of three from the Muslim-majority ex-Soviet state of Uzbekistan, after she walked around a Moscow street holding the infant’s severed head in the air and shouting Islamist mottos.

Some of the eyewitnesses told that they connected woman with Islamic State or other Islamic group but some investigators have suspected her as a mantel case.


Cricket fan commits suicide after losing from Bangladesh on Thursday

Cricket fan commits suicide after losing from Bangladesh on Thursday

A Pakistani cricket fan has committed suicide after the disappointed deafeat of his team by Bangladesh in Asia Cup t20. According to the details 50 year old Muhammad Shafiq took his life after hanging himself with the fan of his office the day after Pakistan lost to Bangladesh. Shafiq was a clerk in Punjab irrigation department and had bet all his salary Rs 30,000 and after losing he finished his life. His brother has confirmed the suicide on ThursdayMuhammad Shafiq, 50, committed suicide a day after the match as he lost money in a bet on the cricket match, the deceased’s brother Muhammad Ramzan confirmed. As Shafiq went to his house Wednesday night his wife asked for money and he went to his office. When he did not come back his wife went to office next morning but found his dead body hanging with the fan.


Police administrators gave over the body to Shafiq’s family after conducting  postmortem and other legal procedures. Shafiq left behind four children and a wife.

“Shafiq had been a gambler for several years. His suicide came as a result of Pakistan’s defeat, which costed him Rs30,000,” Ramzan said.


Man sentenced to 13 year jail over Facebook post

Man sentenced to 13 year jail over Facebook post

LAHORE: A young man from Pakistan has been sentenced to jail for 13 years and 2, 50,000 fines for charges of posting a controversial and hate spreading post. 25 years old Rizwan Haider denied the charges in the anti-terrorism court however. Haider uploaded a post about the Holy Prophet PBUH and according to the court it comes in the circle of hate speech. Meanwhile secular and social organizations have condemned the decision of the court saying that this sentence is against the basic human rights.


. “This case… was registered against Haider, in January for posting objectionable material,” Adeel Chattah, public prosecuting attorney in the case, said. He was also fined Rs 250,000, Chattah said, adding he rejected the allegations and has the right to enter a petition. His lawyer dismissed the accusations. “He only liked it and did not post it on the page,” Shameem Zaidi said.


Poor form in Asia cup, Khuram Manzoor out Ahmad Shahzad in for world t20

Poor form in Asia cup, Khuram Manzoor out Ahmad Shahzad in for world t20

After a poor performance in Asia Cup t20 khuram Manzoor has been dropped from the t20 squad for the world t20 starting from March 11. Pakistan cricket team displayed the verse form of cricket in the Asia cup t20 specially in the batting unit lost from India and Bangladesh and disqualified from the pool matches. Khuram Manzor was under great c5riticism regarding his batting failure and poor performance. Ahmad Shehzad was dropped from team before Asia Cup but now has recalled by the PCB.

According to media report, Pakistan’s cricket selectors are all set to bring back batsman Ahmad Shehzad in the country’s team for this month’s ICC World Twenty20 contest in India.

“Ahmad has been asked to submit his passport for the World T20,” a PCB official confirmed while talking to local media. “His inclusion in the World T20 side will be made official soon”.