England deports 42 Pakistanis on Wednesday

England has deported 42 Pakistanis on Wednesday in a special flight to the Benazir International airport. According to the details 30 of the deport people had complete their permits and were living illegally in the different areas of United kingdom whereas 12 of them had Pakistani Passports and they tried to enter UK with unfair and fake means.

“Three of them had no previous travel recording, thus implying they must have left the country before Integrated Border Management System (IBMS) was imposed or through land routes.”

When the deported people arrived at the airport The Interior Ministry ordered not to allow any person come out of the plane until the documents certification. Remember that Interior Minister has stopped all the airlines to bring back the deport people without the permission and certification of the Government. The FIA also punished different airlines with the fine of 7.5 million for breaking the rules of Pakistan Government. Pakistan has also send back the 35 men back to Greece who were deported without any visa or documents.